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Looking for a Coworking in Barcelona?


Coworking in Barcelona was never that easy and flexible: 150 hours of productivity to use within 3 months. Concentration and terraces whenever you need them. Perfect for those who look for a flexible place to work. Our hourly vouchers give you full access to our chilled workspaces, sun-soaked terraces, and welcoming creative community.


Drop-in between 8am-8pm from Monday-Friday to get a generous taste of the betahaus experience. Enjoy free hot and cold drinks, high-speed internet access, and use of our quiet video call booths.

Hourly Passes for Individuals: Flexibility at the Core of Coworking Gracia Barcelona


In the bustling heart of Gracia, a district known for its artistic flair and vibrant streets, our coworking space stands as a beacon of flexibility and professionalism. Our hourly passes are not just a service; they are the epitome of adaptability in the coworking in Barcelona landscape.


They cater to dynamic professionals who demand a workspace as agile as their ever-evolving business needs.At our coworking Gracia Barcelona hub, we understand that the modern workday isn't bound by a traditional 9-to-5 schedule. It's why we've crafted our space coworking Barcelona offerings to be as flexible as your work life demands.


Whether you're an entrepreneur dodging distractions for a few focused hours, a freelancer needing to switch up the scenery, or a remote worker looking for a professional environment for client meetings, our doors open to a space that adapts to your unique schedule.


Our hourly packages are meticulously designed to fit your workload, with options that cater to the sporadic nature of modern work life. Choose from a range of packages, starting from a compact 40-hour voucher, ideal for those who need an occasional basecamp to anchor their professional endeavors.


For those who require a more substantial allocation of time, we offer up to 150 hours, ensuring that you always have a spot in our coworking haven whenever inspiration strikes or duty calls.Within the walls of our coworking space Barcelona, every hour counts.


We've cultivated an environment where each minute is an opportunity for growth, collaboration, and productivity. Our space is not just about providing a desk; it's about opening doors to new possibilities. It's a place where the city's creative pulse is echoed in the productivity of our members.


Moreover, our offices coworking Barcelona solutions extend beyond just a place to work; they are a nexus for networking and innovation. With our hourly passes, you become part of a community that's as diverse as the city itself. You'll find yourself among like-minded individuals, each bringing their unique energy to the table, contributing to a rich tapestry of professional synergy.


In Gracia, where the spirit of Barcelona's entrepreneurial zeal is most alive, our coworking space is more than just a location; it's a destination for those who seek excellence in their professional pursuits.


Our commitment to providing a flexible, inspiring, and fully-equipped workspace is unwavering. We invite you to discover the freedom of our hourly passes and join a community that's redefining what it means to cowork in Barcelona.


Embrace the Flexibility of Space Coworking Barcelona


Don't let rigid schedules stifle your productivity. Embrace the flexibility that our coworking Gracia Barcelona location offers. With our hourly passes, you're in control, choosing when and how you work, ensuring that every hour you spend with us is as productive as it can be.


Ready to transform your workday? Explore our hourly pass options today and find your place in the leading offices coworking Barcelona has to offer. Welcome to a space where your time is valued, your professional needs are met, and your potential is unlimited.


    Excluding VAT

      • Areas: flex areas floor 2, 3 or 5.
      • High Speed Internet
      • Big Table (with additional LAN Plugs)
      • Premium Ergonomic 3D Chairs
      • 1 Smart Air Purifier
      • Access: From Monday to Friday, from 8:00.20:00

      - Wi-Fi + Ethernet 600MB symmetrical

      - Premium Ergonomic 3D Chairs

      - Coffee, tea and water on us.

      - Access to 20 videoconference cabins

      - Access to community dining room

      - Acces to 6 terraces

      - Access to our community directory and channels

      - Access to commuity events weekly+

      - Access to yoga, tai chi and other cool wellness stuff

      - Access to discounts and perks from our partners

      - Access to  ping pong

      - Access to perks from our partners


    Welcome to a place where space isn’t just a word, it’s an experience. With 20 phone booths, you’ve got privacy and space for all those hush-hush deals or friendly chats. Every inch of our 2,000 sqm promises vibrancy and productivity. And if the walls start closing in (though we doubt they would!), our 6 terraces are your escape pods. Feel the sun, taste the breeze, and get inspired.