Coworking: what it is, benefits and drawbacks.

The coworking industry has experienced a boom since the pandemic got to a lower level of intensity. The truth is that during this 2 years many tenants decided to abandon the conventional office, implementing the remote work and improving the digital processes in order to keep motivation, productivity and efficiency. So fas the experiment of working from home has been a success in terms of "getting the job done", but, most of the employees want to keep face to face meetings, they want to go back to the office.

The thing is that there has been a transformation in the way we work. And the conventional office is no longer the best option. Many say that they do not need to go to the office everyday. But that having a place to meet and work together is a must. Here is where Coworking (all types) rock.

What is coworking?

According to wikipedia coworking is “an arrangement in which several workers from different companies share an office space, allowing cost savings and convenience through the use of common infrastructures, such as equipment, utilities, and receptionist and custodial services, and in some cases refreshments and parcel acceptance services.”

Is that accurate? No it is not.

The reason is that this definition makes reference to flexible workspaces only. Is about the use of an asset in a very flexible way. But one of the NDA signatures of coworking is the concept of Community. As the people who usually join a coworking space are individuals working for different employers, it is very important to give this people a context of sharing, collaboration and personal relationships. So coworking spaces have a certain number of tools to get people together in a way that knowledge can be shared, where new friends are made and where the idea of creating a better world are fuelled via talks, events and activities.

So, if you do not get this in your coworking space, let us be honest: you are just sharing space.

Benefits (and drawbacks) of coworking spaces.

Let us start with the inconveniences first. After 10 years of experience we can say that most of the problems you will find in a coworking space is about the concept of sharing a space. By sharing you are not alone, you commit to the rules of the coworking operator and you cohabit in a space with other people.

So the main drawbacks are the daily distractions you are going to face, the constant movement of other coworkers and in some cases the lack of privacy. As an experienced operator, we offer solutions for this. For example: providing with silent areas where people can really concentrate, creating cabins for all this new amount of video conferences and providing enough meeting rooms to give the coworkers that privacy needed. Having dedicated spaced to have relationships is also going to help to reduce distractions in the open work areas.

Said that, we believe that the inconveniences are pretty low if you compare it with the benefits:

From an economic point of view. A coworking space is going to be a little cheaper than a conventional lease, because there is no opex and capex. The coworking operator offers you an "office as a service", furniture, cleaning, internet, security and other amenities are included in the subscription or pass bought. Is a plug and play concept.

Flexibility. A truly coworking space gives you the possibility to increase and reduce the number of spots you contract every month. This is a great feature for those startups and companies that are in a transforming process. It is also flexible from the point of view of the contract. Coworking spaces do not ask for deposits and permanencies.

It is social. That means no more isolation, which has an effect in the motivation and productivity of the users, with a great side effect comparing it with working from home: now you will be able to separate your professional life from your private one. No more going to the fridge anytime you want, no more working at every minute. On the other side, you will have the opportunity to meet new people and do some networking creating synergies or just making new friends.

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