Play with Duct Tape with Woodada – Betahaus

Play with Duct Tape

Tape the Day Away and Create! Saturday, June 15th from 11 am to 12.30 pm, the Woodada team will be coming to Betahaus for a graphics creation and creativity workshop! Use a combination of adhesive tapes and space to create amazing designs on the walls and floor of Betahaus. Your creations will become our game space! If you want to join the workshop please send an email to
Voluntary contribution.

About the Woodada Team

Woodada is a graphic design company that organizes graphic creation activities for children. Woodada aspires to expose the kids to the arts and graphic culture by hosting exhibitions and workshops that appear and disappear in both private and public spaces. They believe that by playing with shapes, colors, compositions, fonts and unconventional material, that art can increase the critical senses of the children. The team creatively exposes kids to opportunities to provides opportunities of expression to those who may be the future of the arts and graphic culture.

About Álvaro Pinacho and Chloé Bersagol

Álvaro and Chloe were some of the first members of the Betahaus community. Álvaro and Chloé are graphic designers who started Woodada together. In 2011 they founded a design studio in Barcelona, Monsieur Madame, and later created Woodada in 2015. Sparking from the birth of their daughter, Léa, Álvaro and Chloé created Woodada to use their knowledge to expose children to a fantastic world of art and graphic culture one workshop at a time!

Want to join the fun? Send an email to

>>Meet Álvaro and Chloé this weekend, Saturday 15th, from 11-12:30 on the Ground Floor!

Will you be there?

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