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Have you had the chance yet to meet Enric? This Barcelona-born data scientist is a critical part of Derbysoft’s growing team… But there’s so much more to Enric than meets the eye.

At first glance, betahaus community member Enric Spagnolo seems like your typical tech expert, just like many of the members of betahaus’ brilliant tech cohort. But like everyone in the community, this Engineering graduate of UPC (Universitat Polytècnica de Catalunya) knows how to have fun, and turns out to be an expert on some of the coolest places to go worldwide. We sat down with Enric to learn a little bit more about what makes him tick and what keeps him motivated.

What do you do here at betahaus? Where did you get your start?

Before coming to betahaus I worked as a consultant in data science. Actually, I still work in data science, but now I work with about 10 other people, at Derbysoft.We work on designing and implementing algorithms for automating bidding on metasearch for hotels.(editor’s note: DerbySoft credits itself as: “a global technology company that makes connections between hotels and their distributors”.)

It’s taken you to some pretty cool places….

It has! Derbysoft is a Chinese company, so it has its headquarters in Shanghai. It’s a pretty international company, so it’s got it’s offices both in Shanghai and in Dallas, Texas, in the US. I haven’t been to Texas yet, but I’ve been to Shanghai and also to Japan. I’d say my favorite place was Japan…  It was crazy! It was just so different. It’s very clean and very disciplined. I found it amazing, I loved it.

Would you think about moving there?

Well… You can never say never, but I enjoy my life here in Barcelona. If I had to move, I think I would try to stay in Europe, but I really do love living in Barcelona.

What are some of your favorite things that living here has to offer?

One  of my favorite things to do is just walking around… There’s so much to see, and I would recommend checking out the modernist buildings, not just the famous ones (i.e. Sagrada Familia and Casa Batlló). So many buildings are lit up at night, and they are really beautiful. The style and the architecture are amazing.

Do you have any other recommendations?

Definitely go for a walk! Especially around Carrer de Mallorca in Eixample. I’d also recommend the Bunkers, which are very close to here, or just wandering around Gràcia. It’s a very charming neighborhood, kind of like Trastevere in Rome.

Actually it really sounds like you love to travel! What are some of your other favorite things to do?

Actually there are quite many things, depending on the season.For example, my favorite sport is skiing, which I love to do in the winter. Other times I play football, in two different leagues. Later in the summer, I’d like to try kitesurfing. I’d say in general, I love going out with friends and trying different cocktails. And of course, I love playing video games.

What is something people may not know about you?

I love playing escape rooms all around Barcelona. I’ve been to nearly all of them.

How has your experience at betahaus been?

I’ve been happy here!Overall I like the style and environment of this office; it’s not as corporate. Here there are a lot of freelancers so you can meet a lot of people doing a lot of different things. Here there are hipsters and dogs.Check out Enric on our Instagram as we spend a 60-second flash interview with him to learn more!

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