Beta Awards 2019

The most incredible night with Beta-community.

Thank you all for a crazy night of laughter, kind and uplifting words, being together, bearing all the technical glitches and being as supportive as a true family! We are grateful for every single one of our dear members.

We would like to salute our wonderful hosts – Marc, Sam, Rupert, Rachel, Matt, Yolanda, Elio, Alex and Alvaro for agreeing to host the annual Awards ceremony. Some of them for the 1st time, others for the 2nd and 3rd year now. Your spirit is what makes Betahaus stronger as a community.

And a special thanks goes to Florian for the Feed-Food experience and Rupert for Welcome drinks. Thank you, guys, for creating unforgettable welcoming activities!

From the Betahaus team to all of you who participated in creating Betahaus Awards 2019 we say – THANK YOU!


So here are this year’s winners and a selection of photographies taken by members:

Peter Pan – Sergio
The Crazy Scientist – Matt
Gastro Guru – Florian
Best Dancer – JuanMi
Best Crush – Sam and Yolanda
Best Dog – Gau
Best Smile – Alex and Jasmin

The 5th-floor legend – Zenna
Best Beard/ Haircut – Dani
Ultimate Gamer – Tazio
Beta MacGyver – Nelson
Party Animal – Mateo
Most Zen – James
Best team – Fleksy
Community builder – Johanna and Vanessa
Best member – Elio



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