Passionate Professionals

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Passionate Entrepreneurs

Betahaus welcomes professional individuals who put their heart, body and soul into it.

Passionate Makers

Betahaus is passionate whether it’s building a masterpiece or the best sandwich ever.

Passionate Teams

We provide you with the perfect place to stay when you’ve had one too many passions.


Currently at Betahaus


This startup competition is for individuals who do not only think outside the box but are able to present their ideas with confidence and ease. This is a positive event focused on collaboration, finding passion and that gap in the market.

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May 28 @ 19:00 - 22:00 / Free / This is a start-up competition powered by Betahaus. In 2015, we have local Betapitch competitions in Sao Paulo, Vienna, Berlin, Sofia, Hamburg and Barcelona. Winners get to fly to Berlin for the Betapitch | Global. There will be laughter, tears, and most of all, top notch innovation. [...]

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We’re running out of memberships

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Meet the family

Betahaus is more than a coworking, it’s a happy family living in an amazing house. We’re looking for people with ‘beta spirit’. Each applicant should pass through a personal interview with a Betahaus team member in order to be accepted.


Jahn Schlosser

Jahn Schlosser. After growing up in a green and densely wooded area close to Cologne (Germany), I studied economics in Heidelberg (Germany) and Bilbao (Spain).

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Pilar Bermúdez

I’m specialized in thinking and schedule strategies that can drive a project to gain visibility, reputation or the position it would like to have.

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Gil Padrol

Once I asked myself: is literature only inside the books that we love to read?

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Our space

At our location in Barcelona we have around 2000 sqmts divided in 6 floors and 5 terraces. You can spend your working day here, attend a workshop or build your prototypes in our maker area.  You can host your event at our facilities or use it as your breakout office. We have got open space for collaborative work as well as meeting rooms for confidential conversations.

Event Spaces

We can host anything! From an intimate meeting to an event with 500+ people. We have all kinds of spaces for your needs.

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Meeting rooms

Betahaus is perfect for hosting your business meetings, or why not a kick off?

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Join us in our co-working space. We have an amazing atmosphere and a family atmosphere. Read more about what offer here!

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Maker space

As you’re surfing the web we’re busy developing our new maker space “El Taller” at Betahaus. Learn more about this new project here.

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