Why We Beta Award

Why We Beta Award – Betahaus

Every year, we get together as a #BetaFamily to celebrate what makes Betahaus the thriving, diverse community that it is… Our co-workers!

Going solo can be, well, solitary. Anyone that’s been at it for a while can tell you that while working from home in your pajamas may seem nice, in reality, it can often negatively impact productivity, creativity and at times lead to feelings of extreme loneliness.
(image via The Oatmeal)And, with more professionals than ever choosing to leave the standard 9-to-5 grind to pursue a freelance life, it’s no wonder that a record number of co-working spaces are opening up all around the world.

More than Free Coffee and Few Desks…

While Betahaus’s bright and open coworking spaces offer an environment that inspires endless creativity and professional collaboration, it’s our members themselves that turn ours into a living, breathing, thriving community itself. Yes, we offer our members plenty of desk space, free coffee, and delicious lunch options, but those are things you can find in just about any cafe around Barcelona.

What you won’t find elsewhere: The magic that happens when 200+ entrepreneurs representing over 30 different countries sit down each day to share stories about what they did over the weekend… Chances are they may even be stories from the same shared adventures!

You lost me. What does this have to do with this awards ceremony that you keep talking about?

Freelancers and entrepreneurs are often in search of something more… Which means trading a rigid and suffocating schedule for a life that offers more freedom to work on something that they are truly passionate about. But sometimes that comes at the cost of finding a community that fits them, with other people who share their outlook and sense of adventure. It goes without saying, then, that as a freelancer, there are no company holiday parties. No company sponsored lunches (unless you count paying for your own lunch). No team happy hours. No trading the latest stories with your work BFF. At Betahaus, we love taking the opportunity to celebrate each of the individuals in our community for what makes them uniquely them, and appreciate who is at the heart of our community (beyond spaces and meeting rooms). For us, this is a HUGE DEAL.
(actual footage of real, human communication happening at Betahaus)

A brief introduction to the 5th Annual Beta Awards

For four years now, we’ve invited current and previous Betahaus members to join us in celebrating our community and close out the year in style. Some of our former members have described it as: “…Like the Oscars, but with awards you actually care about.” Some of our top award categories featured in this year’s Beta Awards:
Best Unknown Member
Best Accent
Party Animal
The Chandler Bing Award
…and the coveted Coworker of the Year AwardThere are many more categories, but the best part of our biggest night of the year is getting together with our entire community and celebrating the soul of Betahaus. Together.  It’s a win-win for all of us, and something truly worth celebrating.

>>Check out some highlights from the Beta Awards from previous years. And, be sure to join us in 2019 for your chance to be a part of our thriving community! 

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