What’s Art Residence project – Artist Nr.3 – Xave

In collaboration with What’s Art Collective Betahaus has opened the 3rd edition of What’s Art Residence program. The creator and visionary that will be working at and with Betahaus for 3 months and creating an inspiring mural in The Cafe Area is an illustrator who has already made a name for himself in Barcelona –  Xave. 

Lunch and Learn: “Cadaver Exquisito”

On Wednesday the 11th of December at 13:30 Xave will give a talk at Betahaus Barcelona about creative brainstorming and how to connect free minds with an idea. It will be a short talk followed by practical tasks where listeners will have the chance to engage in collective brainstorming. At the end of the talk Xavier will also share insights into the creative ideas for his project at Betahaus.

About Xave
Xavier Sanchez a.k.a Xave is a multidisciplinary artist. Born in Venezuela and raised in a French family. Xave is a Graphic Designer, an Illustrator, Motioner, Creative, Cooker, KID with some skills. After a while, the space between Graphics and Illustration faded away and became a mixture of art, design, motion, and people (not always in that exact order). “My everyday life consists of finding my own ways to do what you can see here, there and also there (not always up to date)”.

“After a few years working in advertising and graphic media – for several agencies and diverse clients -, my unstoppable mind took me to the other side of the world. In finding myself I wished to discover the core of all those different cultures – to blend into a new professional and artist.”


What’s Art Collective is the first initiative in Spain that explores the conflicts of the “creative soul”. It urges artists to create a cultural debate and educate society through workshops, talks and other practices. What’s Art Collective’s mission is to take artists out of their comfort zone to identify problems that can be solved through creativity.


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