Top Photography tips to make your Website Standout

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By Alexander Florez


“I don’t trust words. I trust pictures.” — Gilles Peress

There is no doubt that images are much more powerful than text at communicating. And as your doorway to a wide audience- it’s one of the most important factors to focus on when you build or refresh your website.

By putting the extra time into curating the visuals on your page, you can draw your target audience to reach out to you.

Here are my top tips to make your website a visual winner.


  • Less can be more so don’t visually overload the page with too many images. It can have the effect of distracting, or losing the audience.
  • Keep the images free of clutter and background distractions that take the focus off the subject of the photo.
  • Knowing that the majority of your audience will be browsing on mobile, this is even more important, as you don’t want the screen view engulfed by too much text or too many chaotic images.



  • Keep the photography consistent with the brand look and feel. Every picture should be a reflection of the image of the brand.
  • Keep the style of photography consistent throughout the site as well. The framing, the color scheme, tone, and the illumination should all match across every visual.



  • As the most powerful part of your website – make the photos work their best!
  • Be aware of the best angle, lighting, and blank space around the subject of the image.
  • Make sure the subject is strongly framed, in focus, and free from other distractions in the image.



  • In the world of Instagrammers, influencers, and brand mistrust- audiences are savvy to anything that is false. The images need to be an authentic reflection of the product/ service and brand.
  • Images of people should be authentic and reflect diversity.
  • Do not over photoshop anything! People or products.


If you are looking to create, or update the photos on your website, or social media- we would love to help you take care of it.

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All photos ©Alexander Florez

  • Carlos Aranzazu
    Posted at 16:30h, 01 October Reply

    Excellent article, to keep in mind not only when taking photographs, but also in graphic design.

  • d.
    Posted at 13:24h, 03 October Reply

    Short, concrete and easy to read. Thanks, Alex! I’ll keep this in mind when writing my next blog post.

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