Top marketing Hacks for BLACK FRIDAY

If you are an Online Business or an E-Commerce and you’re willing to do BLACK FRIDAY, here is what you should know.

I’ve lived many Black Fridays working for companies like Media Markt, PDPaola, Kave Home, Asics, BORN ROSÉ Barcelona, and Bookish… so I can say that the key for success at Black Friday is preparation. For E-Commerce businesses, I always recommend starting the strategy at the mid/end of September.

I have written 20 pages on the subject, however, as we are just at the threshold of the biggest day of the year in sales, I will share the key factors you should be focusing on at this stage:

  1. RETARGETING campaigns

Re-impact your previous visitors, clients, leads, engagers & video viewers. Split these audiences between days & action taken so you can target them better.
For example: Add to Cart + Product Viewers in the past 14, 30, 60,90 or 180 days.
Instagram+Facebook Engagers in the past 7, 30, 60, 90, 180, 365 days.

  1. PROSPECTING campaigns.

Create lookalike audiences based on custom audiences of the purchasers of your past Black Fridays.
I recommend having a CA of at least 1.000 users for creating the LA. If only taking Black Friday previous purchasers aren’t enough to reach 1k, add the purchasers with similar behaviors like Sales Period or Christmas season.

  1. Display your BEST SELLING products in your ads.

Present the best selling products with the highest discount %. Then on your website, the specific products can have a minimum discount but the overstocked products – the highest discount.

  1. BLACK WEEK is the NEW BLACK FRIDAY. Try to start the campaign before or make it last longer.

Start on Friday and keep it until Sunday 23:59, or start before. The algorithms of platforms such as Facebook Ads or Google Ads could help to optimize your campaigns. Start the campaign before your competitors & other companies. And keep in mind that people have a limited pocket 🙂


Send as many emails as possible. Cart abandoned emails + newsletters (minimum 1 per day + at least 1 before the beginning of Black Friday).


Show in all the pages of your website how many days/hours/minutes & even seconds have remained till the end of the offers. This normally makes you increase your sales 3-5 times compared to sales without a countdown.

If you would like to know more about how to celebrate a proper BLACK FRIDAY, Christmas Sales period, January Sales, Facebook & Instagram Ads, Google Ads, Email Marketing & E-Commerce Marketing or you would like to grab a coffee or a beer, do not hesitate to contact me on Linkedin.

The article was written by Francesc Alsina Costabella:
Digital, Online and E-Commerce Manager,
Consultant, Marketing Technologist,
and Growth Hacker.


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