Three Coworking Benefits for Programmers

When you work as a developer or programmer, getting those problems solved and projects finished on time relies a lot on being able to retain a good level of focus and concentration.

Most people who work from home or in coffee shops, however, will have experienced the many different distractions that can make it pretty difficult to stay in the zone. For me it was my next door neighbour’s dog barking (a lot), and sometimes it would be delivery drivers ringing my doorbell to be let into the building. In coffee shops it could be the music playing through the speakers, or the crazily loud coffee machine.

As well as the typical distractions, working on your computer for most of the day can feel pretty isolating when you’re working alone. For these reasons I have put today’s post together to highlight three key benefits of coworking, specifically for developers and programmers.


Whether you’re a freelancer or working remotely for a company – in the ever-changing world of programming, being connected with other experts in the field can be integral to staying on top of what’s new within the industry. Reading good blogs and listening to related podcasts are among some of the other great ways of staying up to speed. However, being able to regularly share knowledge, tips and experience with like-minded people working in the same office is a huge benefit of coworking. And not just with other programmers. Grabbing a coffee or eating lunch with people in other lines of work and in other industries can be greatly illuminating and could also lead to other potential work projects. Remember, it’s who you know not just what you know.

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Switching from home-working to coworking was the best thing I ever did to increase my productivity and to decrease external distractions. Granted, offices are busier environments than your home. But as designated spaces that are meant for accommodating freelancers of all types (including a mix of developers and programmers here at Betahaus), coworking spaces provide a great environment and atmosphere for those looking to reduce distractions and increase productivity. After all, members of coworking communities completely understand that those working alongside them often require quiet surroundings to concentrate on the tasks at hand. Find the area and desk that suit you the best and those home-based or coffee shop-based distractions will be the last thing on your mind.

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Do you prefer to wake up and get stuck into work first thing? Maybe you like to work in the afternoons and take the mornings off? Perhaps you prefer to work in the evenings when everyone else has finished for the day? Having access to a designated work space at any time of the day can work just as well for those who stick to conventional working hours as it can for those who prefer to carry out their work outside of the regular 9 – 5 window. Maybe you also need to work at the weekend sometimes when you’re up against a tight deadline on a particular project? Your work schedule and preferences may change on a weekly basis, therefore having the flexibility to access the office as and when you need to is a fantastic benefit of becoming a member at a suitable coworking space.

If coworking is something you’re considering, and you’d like to know more about Betahaus, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us here to have a chat and arrange a tour.

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