Team Building Activities – Why It’s Important and How Best to Plan One — Betahaus

Team Building Activities – Why It’s Important and How Best to Plan One – Betahaus

Why It’s Important and How Best to Plan One

The age of working alone is long gone and if you cannot work as a team it might be hard to find employment. Companies too have realized this and are trying to find solutions that can be used to inculcate teamwork within the organization.

Why team building activities are important

These activities are designed such that people who are ineffective in a team are given higher preference than those who have been active team players. This enables them to trust their teammates and make decisions with them. Remember, even if a single person is not doing his or her work the way he is supposed, the integrity of the team is damaged. This will ultimately affect the productivity of the team. Thus, before it reaches that extreme stage it’s important to device a couple of activities that can improve the team.

Tips on how to do team building activity

· Determine the purpose of the activity

Before anything else, you need to know the purpose of the activity. For instance, it can be a separate activity or part of a meeting. Ask yourself whether the activity is to improve relationships, communicate a point or introduce a topic.

· Decide on how much time you will spend

It’s also important to know how much time to allocate for the activity and when it would be best to hold it. In the beginning, spend some time knowing each other. Also, if something is to be learnt to ensure that you explain it well before the team needs to use it.

· Find activities and exercise that are suitable

You need to search for exercises and activities that best exemplifies the desired team concept. For instance, the activities you choose should serve as a microcosm for the problems or the solutions that your team faces. Simply put, you need to connect the challenges to the struggles that your team faces daily.

· Decide on the facilitator

Before the date of the event, you need to know who will facilitate, provide the agenda, and even invite the participants. If possible, collect the necessary requirements well in advance. If it’s a special session it would be more interesting to surprise the team with the agenda at the beginning of the activity. You may also have an outsider to facilitate the event if it requires special training. So, that is how to plan team building activities.

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