Storytelling and Lettering – Betahaus: Lunch and Learn with Nanda Casallas

Lunch & Learn with Nanda Casallas
Next Wednesday, the 19th of June at 14:00, Nanda Casallas will be giving our June Lunch & Learn. She’ll be presenting “The Afterlife of Objects”, a project created in collaboration with Whats Art Collective and Betahaus. This project explores techniques of sign painting, and the ways it gives new life and value to everyday objects.

About Nanda Casallas

Nanda is a Colombian designer, whose love of the world of craft letters has created many opportunities to design and explore and collaborate. In addition to her work as a brand designer for Sinestésika, a design agency of which she is a co-founder, she also frequently collaborates with Whats Art Collective, a community that explores the “conflicts of the creative soul”. Already a member of Betahaus for two months, Nanda was drawn to the community because the diversity of the space offered plenty of opportunity for collective creation.

Learn more about Nanda and her work with letters through her Instagram profile: @NandaType.

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