StartUps: come and grow with us! Join the coworking space.

We love to invite StartUps to work amongst us because they always bring fresh and exciting energy into Betahaus. Combined with the work-oriented mindset of our community it brings productivity and creativeness to a whole new level. So this is an open call. If you are a new StartUp in Barcelona and you are searching for a stepping stone in between the road from your home office or a coffee shop to having your own office space – join our diverse and professional community. If you are a StartUp of two and you want to expand, the third can join for free! Let’s grow together!

Starting a new business can be challenging and a lot of times it becomes a 24/7 job. Especially if you work from home. So here are 3 main ways how StartUps can benefit from moving into a coworking space: 

1. Affordable and work-oriented

Coworking spaces are affordable for startups and provide the right environment to flourish and improve your work efficiency and productivity. Either you work alone or are willing to hire, a coworking space you be a good home-base. You can get access to various resources fast and affordably and have all the facilities from desk space, meeting rooms, power sockets, functional furniture, high-speed Wi-Fi connections, printers and scanners to 24/7 access and every-day human connection. A coworking space can be the exact thing you need to separate your home life from your work. 

2. Networking

In a place that is full of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses, there are plenty of networking opportunities with people who are also trying to build a business or who can offer their services without you having to go too far to find them. There are many collaboration stories here in Betahaus, and you can create your own!
Easily find freelancers to collaborate with the field of IT, web and graphic design, accounting management, online marketing social media, commercial and everything you need. And you can discuss manners, develop business ideas and create meaningful collaborations just by meeting for a coffee in the cafe area.

3. Build a professional image

Use meeting rooms and other facilities to build your StartUp’s professional image when meeting with new or potential clients and business partners. A coworking space can give you that professional look that a coffee shop simply cannot.

This article was written by Dārta Legzdiņa.
Dārta is a freelance translator and a blogger with a degree in Multimedia Communication from Riga Stradins University. Demonstrated history of working in PR, hospitality, and entertainment industry. By being an artist and a singer-songwriter herself she is passionate about helping creatives reach a wider audience.


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