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Rémi Cans works as an Illustrator and Animation Director but in the other hand – the third one – he is an entrepreneur! After taking an 8 month break traveling in South America in 2013, he came back with a project of a firm which he is trying to develop since a year now. A firm that provides a library of pedagogical animated content for Spanish schools and a different approach of teaching. “I am a little dot on earth, born French – but i could have born somewhere else – which commit itself for environment and social causes.” Q

The main matters of your work are learning languages, social causes and the environment. Why?

AChange your behaviour means changing the world. The way we go through life building the world we are living in. From that point of view, everything is possible if we collectively would be ready to change our individual behavior. I am convinced that we can improve our world and lives, starting with getting involved myself, by choosing to work with committed enterprises.Language is – between a lot more – one of my passions. And I decided to mix it with my skills and wishes to make a business of it. It is so much fun !Q

What are your characters inspired and based on?

Amy characters are inspired by themselves. It is hard to explain ! I am not really drawing them, they are drawn.
Also, what i call ” life anomaly” inspires me a lot. Imagine, you see two big Russian guys standing next the plaça Real’s fountain sweating in their black suit… in the sun, in summer, in Barcelona. Imagine, two eighty years old Catalan granma sitting in a typical Catalan café’s terrasse, having a loud struggle about paragliding. Imagine a 5 years old boy sitting on the stairs of plaça virreina, reading a 800 pages book. The outside is full of “life anomalies”, life is fun. In my case, i have no need to go into a deep introspection to find inspiration, i just have to open wide my eyes.Q

Which is the work that you’re most proud of?

AThe animation studio I am developing : BesideLearning.com  Q

You used to draw for companies of video games where the pay is very good, why the change?

AA lot less money, more freedom and more time. Best decision ever.Q

You describe yourself as an idealist, what else should we know about you?

AIf I tell you everything, why would you like to know me.Q

Which is the thing that you have to struggle most with being an artist?

A Should I struggle ? Oh yes.. people think it’s a gift and easy. This is not. It is a lot of work. I could rebuild the Arc de Triumph of Passeig Sant Joan with the notebook I filled. Q

What is the most important thing for you in life?

AParadoxes. That makes our life entertaining. I work so much because I want to have more time.. My paradoxical decisions make me wake up every morning, excited about a new day.Q

You’re in Betahaus for almost one year, why did you choose Betahaus? And… what made you stay here?

AWell I didn’t know much about Betahaus. I came because it is really close to my place, and the path to come is lovely. And I stayed for the nice people I met here. It is a lovely place to work in, with a strong and linked community.

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