Remote work – when you wish you had a babysitter

Updated: Jun 8

Due to the current situation, almost every worker had to leave their office and create their one at home. Coworking with their partners, roommates, and (the best ones) kids gives it a whole new dimension!

Our friends from Babysits share some of those chaotic situations that every working family has faced during these last months at home.

When the office transforms into the school

No family thought that their 2020 resolution goal would be to become their kids’ teacher, what a plot twist! It is true that the older kids are usually more independent and know how to study or do their homework on their own, however, when we talk about the younger ones, they require more attention and time. And that is why every family had their children’s teacher in their thoughts, day and night! And it is hard to move from work projects and meetings to maths class, English lessons, music and art (a long list of courses and tasks), this was not easy for any parent.

The new office – or the kitchen chaos

Some workers need a tidy work environment, to help concentrate and enhance the creativity flow, but what about those workers with kids? They find toys all over the floor, Disney songs as the new favourite playlist, and coffee breaks are the new physical education lesson.

On the other side, going back to the office has become (finally) possible. It is now possible to look for a babysitter in Barcelona who can take care of your children while you are at your coworking office and getting that high productivity level back!

Need a babysitter for your return to betahaus? Babysits can help you out 😉

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