Night of melodies with Darta Legzdina

We invite you to begin the last week before Christmas by slowing down and enjoying a peaceful, laid-back acoustic concert by one of the members of the Beta Team – Dārta Legzdiņa. An artist and a singer-songwriter from Latvia, who is currently enrolled in an Erasmus For Young Entrepreneurs program in Betahaus Barcelona.

It will be a calm evening with wine, darkened lights, stories, and melodies.

“Simple, fragile & honest – an evening of acoustic peacefulness, soul-searching and a bit of Latvian magic.
You will hear melodies that are dear to my heart, a few original compositions and… where would we be without some Christmas flavor a week before the festivity? 🙂 Come!” – Dārta

Date and Time: Tuesday, December 17
Time: 19:00 
Place: Betahaus Barcelona, Vilafranca 7

About Dārta 

Dārta has been composing music since 2016, but “stepped out” to join the musician’s society of Latvia in 2017 by taking part in The Art and Music Festival BILDES”: Young Singer-Songwriters concert.

In Autumn of 2018, she released a digital mini-album “Pali” (Eng: Flood). It was recorded and mixed by Robin Wynn Evans at Tpot Studio, Scotland.
Since then she has played a few private concerts & “cafe and bookshop gigs” in Latvia, Italy, and Denmark, she is a wedding singer and a worship leader.

“I go where people invite me – friends, acquaintances, rarely strangers, but still happens from time to time. I don’t like to be pushy about the things I do. For me it’s a part of being a singer-songwriter, not a folk or pop musician, I think. Our music is different. At least that’s how I see it. We’re the weird poets and storytellers of the music world. It’s not for the general public. I would call it more personal. Each song has a deep story and it changes from time to time. So does the melodies and the lyrics. Therefore it’s so difficult to record them and have an official release. The story changes all the time. If you’re lucky, I reveal it in person at a concert or over a coffee in a quiet place with not many people around.”

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All photos were taken by Madara Parma Photography.

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