New Innovation and Business Acceleration Programs: BetahausX

We realized we had the tools startups use to speed up innovation and growth, now we can teach them to your company – Edu Forte

We are one of the longest established coworking communities in Barcelona. Our experienced team has spent years growing our network, implementing business acceleration techniques and enabling high-value team collaboration. Last summer we started to ask ourselves how we can we use our expertise, network, and space to accelerate your companies innovation and success even if you don’t work at beta? We can now introduce you to BetahausX, our new Business Acceleration offering set in the co-working community of Barcelona. BetahausX builds Innovation Acceleration Programs that give companies and individuals the tools and inspiration they need to accelerate their business and innovate faster. A BetahausX Innovation Program can include a variety of components such as start-up immersion, workshop series from expert instructors or even a hackathon all tailored to meet your business goals. We also have pre-made workshop focussed programs for those who want to hit the ground running even faster.

Meet our startups, discover the Beta way of working and get inspired.

BetahausX will show you a different, modern, way of working, where you will get the opportunity to work alongside and network with the Beta community. The relaxed environment fosters both creativity and collaboration, something that our diverse community of members from expert freelancer to innovative startups find a critical part of their recipe for success. We have an international network of over 1000 former and current members, they come from a diverse background and cover a whole range of professions. Whether you bump into a cool start-up, have a chat with your next freelance app developer or just let them know about your latest opportunity we think you’ll love our community. This community along with our extended network positions us perfectly to offer your team start-up immersion so that you can exchange experiences, tools or practices. Perhaps you’d rather we organize a hackathon on your product or industry or build a whole accelerator program. See what you can achieve with a little help from BetahausX!

Workshop flavors to suit every company.

Workshop series is a key part of many acceleration programs. Some workshop series such as our leadership program will also be offered to individuals however most will be designed specifically to give your whole team the exact tools you need to grow your company. These seminar sets will offer professional learning on topics that are carefully handpicked to showcase the techniques that modern companies are using to grow their teams and companies. We kick off our Beta X Barcelona offering with two top workshop themes, our Team Building workshops Beta Together and our Leadership Development workshop The Great Leader. These are built to help you boost your business in a day, and can be tailored to your organizations’ needs and goals.

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