Work for free in any other Betahaus locations in Europe.


With your monthly membership you can work for free in any other Betahaus. We are located  in Berlin, Hamburg, Sofia, Tirana and Milan. If you are heading to any of these cities, you have a spot to work from!

betahaus | Kreuzberg


Is our HQ, and in some ways, the heart and soul of betahaus. Become part of a community of 500+ entrepreneurs, startups, creators, makers, freelancers, early-stage tech founders, corporates, non-profits, service providers, small businesses, and remote teams of all kinds.

betahaus | Neukölln


betahaus | Neukölln is our newest coworking space in Berlin, located in the iconic Geyer Werke building. With a mix of team rooms, coworking areas, event spaces, and creative studios, our house in Neukölln is about going back to our roots.

betahaus | Hamburgo


Our community in Hamburg lives by the belief that creativity and motivation can’t flourish in a lonely office.

betahaus | Sofia


Our two spaces in Sofia are pioneers of coworking in the Bulgarian city, and are still brimming entrepreneurial energy.