'Things' that happen in a coworking space

‘Things’ that happen in a coworking space — Betahaus

As Marcos (CEO of Betahaus) is used to saying, ‘In Betahaus things happen’. And it’s true, in a coworking space things happen, many things.

The ‘thing’ that can always be found in a coworking par excellence is ‘talent’, have you heard of it? According to Mr. Google, talent is “the intellectual ability or aptitude that a person has to learn things easily or skillfully develop an activity”. But at Betahaus we also believe in everything that talent is associated with: effort, originality, perseverance and attitude, among others.


“A coworking space is not just a place to work. Coworking is a work philosophy.”

Not everyone dares to enter the coworker adventure. The coworker culture implies living day to day, learning and sharing work and leisure with other coworkers. Also learning about different points of view, many different professions, customs and nationalities.

Working in a coworking space...

  • Allows freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups to develop their respective projects in an environment with the necessary comforts beyond an office, a work table or a good coffee machine.
  • Gives your coworkers the opportunity to create synergies between them, thus being the culprit of many ‘romantic’ projects with successful endings.
  • Is a unique experience that enriches the career of any entrepreneur tired of working alone at home, in addition to increasing their productivity.
  • Fosters the innovation and creativity of anyone who is willing to dive in at the deep en.

Do you know about the magic of coworking?

Another ‘thing’ that we can find in any corner of a coworking space is magic. For example, the magic of Betahaus was born on the day when the coworkers themselves became the stars. They move the #BetaFamily on their own, organising events, meetings and joint projects.

The magic of coworking entails all those shared moments and the enrichment of working in community.

What about you? Do you aim for the coworker life? Turn your work routine around and come see us. Our team will show you in the best way our facilities and the spirit that characterises Betahaus. 


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