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Sales & PromotionsCena de empresa fin de año 2017

Organiza tu cena de empresa de fin de año 2017 en Betahaus. Un ambiente privado y único en el centro del barrio de Gracia ideal para grupos grandes.

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Member SpotlightTiller Team

Tiller Systems, uno de los equipos más dinámicos y revolucionarios de Betahaus, una startup francesa que llegó a Barcelona y decidió instalarse en nuestra comunidad cuando sólo eran un par. Ahora conforman una gran familia.

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Ventajas del coworkingNuevas Tarifas

Pateamos el tablero de los precios de coworking en Barcelona, una vez más. Revisamos todas nuestras tarifas.

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mural luis mazon coworking betahaus

SpacesNuevo Mural por Luis Mazón

Ya tocaba renovar la planta 1 y comenzamos encargándole a Luis Mazón este increíble mural.

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Life in BetaGood Plans for August

Looking for a good plan in August? Build yourself a table with the help of our friends from TMDC.

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Ventajas del coworking¿Qué es y que no es coworking?

La falta de consenso y el abusivo uso del termino ‘coworking’ me lleva a preguntarme si ya no es hora que establezcamos los standards de que es y que no es un coworking.

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event manager job offer

Help WantedJob offer – Event Sales Manager

We are searching for an Event Sales Manager with a magnetic personality to join our team.

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Introducing Office Hours

Life in BetaIntroducing Office Hours

Office Hours is your best chance to meet our consultants in 1 to 1 meetings and ask for an advice for scaling up your business.

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Life in BetaHow to build an app in 48 hours

I rounded up 35 people from my coworking space with the mission to build an app in just one weekend. And we absolutely nailed it. – By Duncan Campbell

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Life in BetaBetahaus Awards 2016

Por 3er año consecutivo nos hemos propuesto premiar de forma descarada y pseudo-democrática a la creme de la creme de la comunidad más vibrante de Barcelona.

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Resignifica tu casa - ven a un coworking

Ventajas del coworkingResignifica tu casa

Nuestra nueva campaña. Resignifica tu trabajo, resignifica tu casa. Trabaja desde un coworking. Cambia tu vida.

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Event venue for team building activities

EntrepreneurshipTeam Building Activities – Why It’s Important and How Best to Plan One

How to plan the best team building activities in Barcelona. Why it’s important and how to plan a team building. Get some useful tips from our Betahaus Events Team.

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Juan Criollo - CEO of Bandwidth

Member SpotlightJuan Criollo – Bandwidth

Juan Criollo es un colombiano con ganas de meterse en la escena musical local. Estudió publicidad, hizo trabajo de agencia, freelance y ahora emprendió sus propias movidas, siempre buscando un mix entre lo digital, el marketing y la música.

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Francisco Ortiz and the team of Social Hola

Member SpotlightFrancisco Ortiz – Social Hola

Francisco has been a serial entrepreneur since he was twenty, 24 years later he has funded several companies in different areas. His newest project is SOCIAL HOLA, a company that creates visual content in Socia Media.

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Member SpotlightJuanmi & Edgar

Alexander Daniels Global connects talented professionals with exciting career opportunities in 3D printing. It is all about enabling the new industrial revolution through talent.

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UncategorizedRémi Cans – The Little French Dot

After taking an 8 month break traveling in South America in 2013, Rémi came back with a project of a firm that provides a library of pedagogical animated content for Spanish schools and a different approach of teaching.

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Duncan Cambell - CEO of gorilla arm

Member SpotlightDuncan Campbell – Gorilla Arm

Duncan Campbell is an English guy who left London 6 years ago to become Barcelonés. The three things that move him most right now making awesome mobile apps, getting to the top of mountains, and having parties on my terrace with my friends.

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Member SpotlightOlivier Plante – ThingThing

Olivier is the CEO and co-founder of ThingThing. After his studies in Montreal, he moves to Barcelona and decides to build Thingthing with his three amazing fellows: Jose, Francesc and Xevi.

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