Olivier Marquès de Brito Tripmedic

He was born in the south-west of France and arrived at Betahaus in 2015.
During his life, Olivier has taken part of different projects. When he arrived at Betahaus he was working in an e-commerce App related to the food industry.

He has more than 10 years of experience in developing online and offline business. He was the first employee of Tripmedic and, currently, he leads the operation strategies and the offline business development. In December of 2016, he started to build a doctors’ network in Barcelona. Then, in April 2016, the TripMedic was officially launched in the city.

Olivier Marquès de Brito  Tripmedic — Betahaus

What is Tripmedic and how was created?


Tripmedic is an web app born two years ago and now is available in 20 cities of 7 countries. It allows travellers and expat around the world to book practitioners who speak the same language. They are specialised doctors and they are available whenever the user needs.

Initially, it was founded by Filippo Meloni, an Italian entrepreneur who realised finding a correct doctor was a problem when people are abroad. He finally decided to undertake a project which would cover the common necessity of finding a reliable doctor when someone is abroad. Filippo’s current role, as a CEO of the company, is to manage the overall business and financial operations.


Some days ago, you organized a hub event in Betahaus , how did it go?


It was a success. I mean, we covered the most of our slots available with 8 visits. Usually, people are embarrassed about going to the doctor. However, through the test, patients felt comfortable to talk with a person who speaks their own language.

Our goal with this event was testing the interest of our project with our potential target. We wanted to know the interest of the coworkers about a doctor that speaks their own language, and who could understand and explain better the medical system of the country of destination.

“In general, people are embarrassed about going to the doctor.”


Why Betahaus and why Barcelona?


I decided to stay in Betahaus for the contact network and the opportunity of being surrounded by lots of freelancers that could join our project. I have all type of professionals working in the same place than me. Some parts of the launch campaign were created by Betapeeps. For example: the promotional video, an SMS service, the design of posters and merchandising to promote Tripmedic.

About Barcelona… Here there are so much talent, creativity, quality of life and internationality. Moreover, the healthcare industry here in Spain is more flexible than other countries. So, Barcelona was the perfect city to achieve our goals.

“The idea is to keep growing in both Barcelona and Betahaus.”


Which is the present and future of Tripmedic?


Nowadays, Tripmedic has 8 fix employees and 400 doctors worldwide, and 2.000 users and patients of the webapp.

During this and future years, Tripmedic will expand outside Europe. Specifically, 18 cities from Asia and America. The main idea is to have all the data of each patient in his or her phone, with medical video consultations and international prescriptions that can be used everywhere.

If you would like to know more about Tripmedic, click here.


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