How will you shape the future four years from now?

Our good friends at 4YFN want to hear your resolutions for making a better and brighter future together. Plus: get 50% off your #4YFN19 tickets.

We’re very fortunate to work with creative and forward-thinking partners like the team at 4YFN, who bring tens of thousands of people to Barcelona to celebrate technology, community, and trends that will shape the future.

This year, 4YFN is adding something different to their well-known conference: driving awareness about the need to collectively create a better future today. Join the movement by sending them your resolution for how you’ll help the future. With a little help from Zero 2 Infinity, the team at 4YFN will be collecting all of your thoughts and sending them (live) into the stratosphere.

Check it out here:


Interested in attending #4YFN19? Get 50% off your tickets!

In addition to being globally minded, the 4YFN team is incredibly generous. From now through 8 February 2019, they’re offering 50% off conference tickets.

To get the discount, please complete the form below and we’ll email you a discount code while supplies last!


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