Looking to Grow Your Business?

What makes the perfect recipe for success to grow your business? For a start, you need a great team. Following that, a great space to grow in.

Growing a company is so much more than having a great space; it’s about having a great community as well. Here we work hard, and make friends from all over the world.

We’ve been lucky to have a variety of companies, large and small, come to betahaus and grow within our community. But what does it take for a business to thrive and grow its wings?

Our first floor space is now open to accommodate new companies looking to grow and become a part of our community.

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CoworkingA Quick Introduction to Spanish Freelance Cooperatives (Part 2)

As a freelancer, there are so many ways to go to make sure you are making the right choice to stay and work legally in Spain. Is joining a worker’s cooperative the right one?

WORDS by Mayya Husseini

CoworkingA Quick Introduction to Spanish Freelance Cooperatives (Part 1)

When freelancers make the move to Spain to begin their freelancing journey, the tough decisions don’t end there…

WORDS by Mayya Husseini