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Life in BetaFirst Ever Betabeers Showcase!

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Life in BetaMembers Teach Members: Food Culture

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Life in BetaBetaLunch: A Monthly Feast

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Member SpotlightMember Spotlight: Enric Spagnolo is Everywhere You Want to Be

Have you had the chance yet to meet Enric? This Barcelona-born data scientist is a critical part of Derbysoft’s growing team… But there’s so much more to Enric than meets the eye.

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Entrepreneurial EcosystemTips for Perfecting your Startup Pitch

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Life in BetaJune Lunch & Learn: Storytelling and Lettering

Meet Nanda at our next Lunch & Learn. She is in love with the world of hand lettering and wants to show you how you can give new life to everyday objects by harnessing the emotional, sensory and social value of what is crafted by hand.

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News & AnnouncementsBe a Part of the New Era of betahaus

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CoworkingWe Made the Top 5!

We often think fondly of our community and can come up with hundreds of reasons that we love coming to work each day. But, it isn’t every day that someone else recognizes those reasons, too!

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CoworkingA Quick Introduction to Spanish Freelance Cooperatives (Part 2)

As a freelancer, there are so many ways to go to make sure you are making the right choice to stay and work legally in Spain. Is joining a worker’s cooperative the right one?

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News & AnnouncementsLooking to Grow Your Business?

Growing a business is so much more than having a great space; it’s about having a great community as well. Our first floor space is now open to accommodate new companies looking to grow and become a part of our community.

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CoworkingA Quick Introduction to Spanish Freelance Cooperatives (Part 1)

When freelancers make the move to Spain to begin their freelancing journey, the tough decisions don’t end there…

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UncategorizedHow will you shape the future four years from now?

Our partners at 4YFN are kicking off this year’s Mobile World Congress by offering us a sweet deal: 50% off this year’s tickets to Mobile World Congress with your participation!

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Member SpotlightMember Spotlight: Johanna Escobar is Bringing Creatives Together

This vibrant, self-taught, self-made brand marketer got her start in Colombia, where admittedly, she had a lot of interests. Like a lot of creators, what began as a hobby took on a life of its own.

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Life in BetaNew Year, New Mix: Betahaus Community Playlist on Spotify

As much as we love returning to Barcelona and reconnecting with friends, or meeting new members of the community, there remains an evident and inevitable truth: You’ve got to work. Maybe some new music might help?

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Life in BetaBeta Awards 2018 – That’s a Wrap!

The Beta Awards happened last week, and it was, as predicted, weird, wonderful and deliciously festive (we’re looking at you, food table!)…

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Life in BetaWhy We Beta Award

Every year, we get together as a #BetaFamily to celebrate what makes Betahaus the thriving, diverse community that it is…. Our co-workers!

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UncategorizedBarcelona Artist Spotlight: Armando Mesias

You may not know Armando Mesias, but he wants to know you. We got the opportunity to visit the Colombia-born visual artist in his studio to get to know his work, his story and his vision a little better.

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Member SpotlightOlivier Plante Thingthing Ltd.

Olivier Plante moved to Barcelona 9 years ago from Montreal and is the co-founder of Thingthing Limited.

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Coworking‘Things’ that happen in a coworking space

As Marcos (CEO of Betahaus) is used to saying, ‘In Betahaus things happen’. And it’s true, in a coworking space things happen, many things. A coworking space is not just a place to work. Coworking is a work philosophy.

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Member SpotlightRachel Cruickshank Barcelona Fun Science

Rachel Cruickshank is a freelance Scientific Events and Innovation Manager, and the Founder of Barcelona Fun Science. She has been a member of Betahaus for almost 3 years.

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Sales & PromotionsFull Circle Karma Summer Offers Spot

Along with the collaboration of ACME, Full Circle Karma has undertaken the creation of a promotional spot to show off summer offers at Betahaus.

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Member SpotlightOlivier Marquès de Brito Tripmedic

During his life, Olivier has taken part of different projects. When he arrived to Betahaus, he was working in an e-commerce App related to the food industry.

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Coworking Vs Office Space

CoworkingCoworking VS Office Space – which is best for you?

Which is best for your needs; all-inclusive community coworking or a build it yourself office? Coworking VS Office Space – let the battle commence!

WORDS by Matt Pickering

Uncategorized4 Setmanes de Coworking Gratis

Fins l’1 de març regalem 4 setmanes de coworking gratis a tots els amants de Barcelona.

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Member SpotlightNew Innovation and Business Acceleration Programs: BetahausX

Introducing our NEW Business acceleration programs to speed up your businesses growth. BetaX can include quality workshops, startup immersion and more.

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Sales & PromotionsCena de empresa fin de año 2017

Organiza tu cena de empresa de fin de año 2017 en Betahaus. Un ambiente privado y único en el centro del barrio de Gracia ideal para grupos grandes.

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Member SpotlightTiller Team

Tiller Systems, uno de los equipos más dinámicos y revolucionarios de Betahaus, una startup francesa que llegó a Barcelona y decidió instalarse en nuestra comunidad cuando sólo eran un par. Ahora conforman una gran familia.

WORDS by Marcos Horna

UncategorizedNuevas Tarifas

Pateamos el tablero de los precios de coworking en Barcelona, una vez más. Revisamos todas nuestras tarifas.

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mural luis mazon coworking betahaus

UncategorizedNuevo Mural por Luis Mazón

Ya tocaba renovar la planta 1 y comenzamos encargándole a Luis Mazón este increíble mural.

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Life in BetaGood Plans for August

Looking for a good plan in August? Build yourself a table with the help of our friends from TMDC.

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Uncategorized¿Qué es y que no es coworking?

La falta de consenso y el abusivo uso del termino ‘coworking’ me lleva a preguntarme si ya no es hora que establezcamos los standards de que es y que no es un coworking.

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event manager job offer

Help WantedJob offer – Event Sales Manager

We are searching for an Event Sales Manager with a magnetic personality to join our team.

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Introducing Office Hours

Life in BetaIntroducing Office Hours

Office Hours is your best chance to meet our consultants in 1 to 1 meetings and ask for an advice for scaling up your business.

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Life in BetaHow to build an app in 48 hours

I rounded up 35 people from my coworking space with the mission to build an app in just one weekend. And we absolutely nailed it. – By Duncan Campbell

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Life in BetaBetahaus Awards 2016

Por 3er año consecutivo nos hemos propuesto premiar de forma descarada y pseudo-democrática a la creme de la creme de la comunidad más vibrante de Barcelona.

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Resignifica tu casa - ven a un coworking

UncategorizedResignifica tu casa

Nuestra nueva campaña. Resignifica tu trabajo, resignifica tu casa. Trabaja desde un coworking. Cambia tu vida.

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Event venue for team building activities

Entrepreneurial EcosystemTeam Building Activities – Why It’s Important and How Best to Plan One

How to plan the best team building activities in Barcelona. Why it’s important and how to plan a team building. Get some useful tips from our Betahaus Events Team.

WORDS by Marcos Horna
Juan Criollo - CEO of Bandwidth

Member SpotlightJuan Criollo – Bandwidth

Juan Criollo es un colombiano con ganas de meterse en la escena musical local. Estudió publicidad, hizo trabajo de agencia, freelance y ahora emprendió sus propias movidas, siempre buscando un mix entre lo digital, el marketing y la música.

WORDS by Marcos Horna
Francisco Ortiz and the team of Social Hola

Member SpotlightFrancisco Ortiz – Social Hola

Francisco has been a serial entrepreneur since he was twenty, 24 years later he has funded several companies in different areas. His newest project is SOCIAL HOLA, a company that creates visual content in Socia Media.

WORDS by Marcos Horna

Member SpotlightJuanmi & Edgar

Alexander Daniels Global connects talented professionals with exciting career opportunities in 3D printing. It is all about enabling the new industrial revolution through talent.

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UncategorizedRémi Cans – The Little French Dot

After taking an 8 month break traveling in South America in 2013, Rémi came back with a project of a firm that provides a library of pedagogical animated content for Spanish schools and a different approach of teaching.

WORDS by Marcos Horna
Duncan Cambell - CEO of gorilla arm

Member SpotlightDuncan Campbell – Gorilla Arm

Duncan Campbell is an English guy who left London 6 years ago to become Barcelonés. The three things that move him most right now making awesome mobile apps, getting to the top of mountains, and having parties on my terrace with my friends.

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Member SpotlightOlivier Plante – ThingThing

Olivier is the CEO and co-founder of ThingThing. After his studies in Montreal, he moves to Barcelona and decides to build Thingthing with his three amazing fellows: Jose, Francesc and Xevi.

WORDS by Marcos Horna

Member SpotlightNils Mattisson – The comeback kid

Nils Mattisson grew up in a small town in southern Sweden, worked at Apple, raised 200K in a Kickstarter and developed Point.

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Marial Soy - coworker en Betahaus

UncategorizedMarial Soy – Una historia para contar

A Marial Soy siempre le gustó alterar el orden de los factores. Es diseñadora e ilustradora, pero sobretodo es experta en reinventarse constantemente, no sabe estar quieta y tampoco le ha apetecido intentarlo nunca.

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Life in BetaBetahaus Awards 2015

A finales del 2015 celebramos por 2da vez consecutiva nuestros Betahaus Awards. Cada año elegimos a los mejores coworkers divididos en las más diversas categorías.

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Member SpotlightJuan della Torre – La Machi

Juan Della Torre es CEO y Fundador de La Machi. Junto a su equipo comunican buenas causas desde Betahaus Barcelona.

WORDS by Marcos Horna

Member SpotlightTom Caton – Airdna co-founder #TeamsInBeta

Meet Tom Caton, Airdna co-founder and part of the Betahaus Family. Tom is originally from England but started drifting round the globe soon after university.

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cómo es trabajar en un CoWorking de Barcelona

UncategorizedComo trabajar en un CoWorking influye en el éxito y bienestar del freelancer

Ya existe la logística que un freelancer necesita para realizar nuestras actividades y trabajos diarios. Un CoWorking es una comunidad grande de freelancers que facilita todo lo que desee y necesite un freelancer para trabajar bien.

WORDS by Marcos Horna
Yoga para coworkers en Betahaus

Life in BetaYoga para coworkers, autónomos y start ups

El ‘BetaYoguis Club’, a cargo de la profesora yoga Laura Xirinachs que se reúne todos los martes y miércoles a partir de 19:30hs para alinear los chacras y estirar los músculos.

WORDS by Marcos Horna
Sant Joan 2015 - Betahaus Barcelona

Life in BetaRevetlla de Sant Joan 2015 en 20 Polaroids

Convertimos la verbena de Sant Joan en una bacanal piromaníaco/musical para más de 100 miembros contando sus respectivas mascotas. La noche estuvo amenizada musicalmente por nuestra DJ residente favorita, Mimi Margalef.

WORDS by Marcos Horna
membercards in Betahaus coworking space

Life in BetaThe Evolution of the Betahaus Membercards

Our Membercards have come a long way, just like human evolution which is why these too need some recognition.

WORDS by Marcos Horna