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CoworkingWe Made the Top 5!

We often think fondly of our community and can come up with hundreds of reasons that we love coming to work each day. But, it isn’t every day that someone else recognizes those reasons, too!

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CoworkingA Quick Introduction to Spanish Freelance Cooperatives (Part 2)

As a freelancer, there are so many ways to go to make sure you are making the right choice to stay and work legally in Spain. Is joining a worker’s cooperative the right one?

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News & AnnouncementsLooking to Grow Your Business?

Growing a business is so much more than having a great space; it’s about having a great community as well. Our first floor space is now open to accommodate new companies looking to grow and become a part of our community.

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CoworkingA Quick Introduction to Spanish Freelance Cooperatives (Part 1)

When freelancers make the move to Spain to begin their freelancing journey, the tough decisions don’t end there…

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UncategorizedHow will you shape the future four years from now?

Our partners at 4YFN are kicking off this year’s Mobile World Congress by offering us a sweet deal: 50% off this year’s tickets to Mobile World Congress with your participation!

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Member SpotlightMember Spotlight: Johanna Escobar is Bringing Creatives Together

This vibrant, self-taught, self-made brand marketer got her start in Colombia, where admittedly, she had a lot of interests. Like a lot of creators, what began as a hobby took on a life of its own.

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Life in BetaNew Year, New Mix: Betahaus Community Playlist on Spotify

As much as we love returning to Barcelona and reconnecting with friends, or meeting new members of the community, there remains an evident and inevitable truth: You’ve got to work. Maybe some new music might help?

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Life in BetaBeta Awards 2018 – That’s a Wrap!

The Beta Awards happened last week, and it was, as predicted, weird, wonderful and deliciously festive (we’re looking at you, food table!)…

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Life in BetaWhy We Beta Award

Every year, we get together as a #BetaFamily to celebrate what makes Betahaus the thriving, diverse community that it is…. Our co-workers!

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UncategorizedBarcelona Artist Spotlight: Armando Mesias

You may not know Armando Mesias, but he wants to know you. We got the opportunity to visit the Colombia-born visual artist in his studio to get to know his work, his story and his vision a little better.

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Member SpotlightOlivier Plante Thingthing Ltd.

Olivier Plante moved to Barcelona 9 years ago from Montreal and is the co-founder of Thingthing Limited.

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Coworking‘Things’ that happen in a coworking space

As Marcos (CEO of Betahaus) is used to saying, ‘In Betahaus things happen’. And it’s true, in a coworking space things happen, many things. A coworking space is not just a place to work. Coworking is a work philosophy.

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Member SpotlightRachel Cruickshank Barcelona Fun Science

Rachel Cruickshank is a freelance Scientific Events and Innovation Manager, and the Founder of Barcelona Fun Science. She has been a member of Betahaus for almost 3 years.

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Sales & PromotionsFull Circle Karma Summer Offers Spot

Along with the collaboration of ACME, Full Circle Karma has undertaken the creation of a promotional spot to show off summer offers at Betahaus.

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Member SpotlightOlivier Marquès de Brito Tripmedic

During his life, Olivier has taken part of different projects. When he arrived to Betahaus, he was working in an e-commerce App related to the food industry.

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Coworking Vs Office Space

CoworkingCoworking VS Office Space – which is best for you?

Which is best for your needs; all-inclusive community coworking or a build it yourself office? Coworking VS Office Space – let the battle commence!

WORDS by Matt Pickering