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Alexander Daniels Global started with only one person in a room 2 years ago and now it employs 4 awesome professionals. It is all about enabling the new industrial revolution through talent. Basically, they strategically help their clients to achieve their engineering and expansion plans by identifying the right individuals. Alexander Daniels Global connects talented professionals with exciting career opportunities in 3D printing. Q

Why 3D printing?

AWe couldn’t take part of neither the first nor the second industrial revolution, but we can take part of the new industrial revolution. 3D Printing (also better known industrially as Additive Manufacturing) is the new industrial revolution, it will transform the world and the way we make and design things, and we wanted to take part of it.Q

Half of your team is based in the United Kingdom and the other half in Barcelona, why that division?

AYou never know when or where you are going to find your co-founder. Juan Miguel met Nick in the UK and Alexander Daniels Global is a UK based company and has the investors in the UK. That being said, the team in Barcelona seems to complain less about the weather, the food, the hours of sunshine and has the pleasure to fully enjoy the amazing Barcelona.Q

Which is the biggest challenge when having a niche market recruitment business such as the 3D printing?

AIn Alexander Daniels Global we believe that the performance of a company will depend on the quality of the professionals working within them and we focus on overcoming one of the main challenges of the 3D printing industry, the talent shortage. The 3D printing industry is growing at such a rate that universities cannot really provide training at that speed, sometimes the fact of not being located in a big city is also a problem to attract professionals and in strategic roles we must take into account that the excellent professionals have also offered from companies like Google, Facebook, Apple… and the combination of all of that makes the recruitment process sometimes complicated for certain positions. In Alexander Daniels Global, we basically solve that. We are the worldwide partner for 3D Printing talent and by working with us our clients have access to the most talented professionals in 3D printing. The market is initially relatively small ($4 billion) but if we take into account that we are very well positioned already and it’s an industry growing at +60% annually, Alexander Daniels Global has huge potential. “It is all about enabling the new industrial revolution through talent” Q

Which is the premise of Alexander Daniels Global?

AOur “Why” as a company is “Enabling the new industrial revolution through talent”. The 3D printing industry is experiencing a talent shortage and companies are having difficulties to find professionals for strategic engineering and commercial positions worldwide. We basically overcome that problem, we support the 3D printing companies to achieve their goals by identifying and engaging the right professionals worldwide.In addition to that, we have a secret premise, we want to create “The best place to work” and that’s all about having a clear purpose, passion for learning and freedom to innovate.Q

You focus on high qualified professionals, what´s the process to make sure the match is perfect?

AAlexander Daniels Global works on strategic positions and we usually deal with senior professionals in the 3D printing industry. In order to make sure that there is a perfect match we must understand perfectly the expertise and experience of the candidates, but even more important, the motivation and aspirations of that person.In order to make sure that there is a perfect match between these senior professionals and the strategic positions within 3D printing, we must wear different hats during the process: we are recruiters, phycologists, salesmen, HR advisors, coaches… Sounds and it’s exciting!Q

How do you see the future of the 3D printing market?

AFrom our point of view, in 2 years and a half we have seen a hype in the consumer 3D printing “you will see a 3D printer at home”, but we see a firm and steady growth in the industrial side “you are already flying in a an aircraft with 3D printed components in it”. “In 2 years and a half we have seen a hype in the consumer 3D printing, you will see a 3D printer at home” Q

So…Why did you choose Betahaus?

AOne of our premises as a company is to be “the best place to work” and the environment in Betahaus is aligned with this idea. We don’t want to be the typical “corporate” company, and beta offers us the entrepreneurial and dynamic environment that we were looking for.Q

How do you feel after being here for 3 months? What makes this place so special?

AWe feel very comfortable. The space is inspiring, people are passionate, we have lunch in the terrace every day and we have everything we need as a company. Definitely, it has been a very good decision.

>>If you´re interested in their services, please contact juanmiguel.ramirez@alexanderdanielsglobal.com

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