How to make money with a Facebook Bot – Betahaus

This month Matt Roberts teaches Betahaus about Facebook marketing and building bots without no coding experience

Our July Lunch & Learn is here!Next Wednesday, 10th July at 14h, the Betahaus member, Matt Roberts, will present his experience and knowledge on Facebook Bots. All are encouraged to join and learn how to make money with these bots despite not having coding experience. Those that attend can also expect to learn the most efficient tools and how to avoid mistakes when building a bot.

Meet Matt: Betahaus’ Facebook Wiz

Matt is a Senior Business Analyst and works at Hatchster, an English company that operates in both the B2C and B2B markets and specializes in building online applications for the consumer space.He loves working with and around technology and he is an enthusiastic about working with creative people creating great products. Matt has been a member for a little over 2 years and was drawn to the community and location of Betahaus. His favorite things about Beta are the water machine and the welcoming atmosphere.Check out his Linkedin profile to learn more about Matt professional skills.

Meet Matt and the Beta Community for a fun, friendly, and informational lunch!
Come and join us on Wednesday 10th July!

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