How Florian Became A World Traveler Through His Love of CopyWriting

Our community here at Betahaus is diverse, authentic, and international. When I started interviewing members of this tight-knit family, I had no idea that I would learn something so different from each one of them. The flow of energy within Betahaus is unstoppable, with hundreds of unique projects from artists to entrepreneurs, it keeps everyone at their best. With the articles released throughout the following months, you will have the chance to learn more about some of the people alongside their projects that develop and grow within Betahaus.

The first interview I conducted was with Florian Kretschmann, a German Copywriter who spends his time cooking and traveling the world while finding inspiration in everything. His sociable, unreserved demeanor allows him to float around any room speaking with people and leaving a lasting impression. Seeing Florian’s photography from his travels will have you reaching for your wallet to buy tickets for the next flight to places like Morocco, Lagos, Columbia, the list goes on and on. Interviewing Florian this last week was such a cherry encounter, in this article on communication, copywriting, and community… Flo explains it all.

I asked him to introduce himself and tell me a little bit about his background:

Florian attended university to focus on communication design prior to embarking on a career in copywriting at the largest advertising agencies in Germany. Overtime, Florian recognized his love for Spanish as a language and relocated to Argentina for 7 months. Following his sunny stay, he continued his journey through South America touching down in Bolivia, Peru and Columbia. Somehow the plan to travel for 3 months snowballed into 3 years spent on this tropical continent without returning to his domain. Leading up to the unexpected duration of voyages, Florian spent several years employed as a freelance copywriter. He explained to me that he began working as a “digital nomad” before the term became popularized, because he eventually recognized that his clients would still collaborate with him regardless of his location.

“I didn’t want to wake up in Germany, so I got on a plane to spend New Years in Spain”

“What do you do for a living?”

Florian told me he is a copywriter and concepter which means he creates the primary idea, campaign or fundamental concept for commodities like websites and products. Then he shares those abstractions to designers so they can construct and generate his plans. Once that idea is sold, copywriters like Florian take the time to write slogans or names for items, like in his experience: chocolate bars and telephones. Connections Florian has gained from being employed by agencies like Leo Burnett and DDB have provided him with a network that recommends him for projects like the one he is soon to start with Fiat.

“How did you arrive here at Betahaus?”

Last year in January, Florian relocated here to Barcelona. He explained to me that on the 31st of December, he remembered thinking, “I don’t want to wake up in Germany anymore”, so he got on a plane to spend New Years in Spain and now only returns for necessities. After moving around Gracia from flat to flat probing the area for a co-working space, he eventually landed in a space coinciding with Betahaus. Florian struggles to remember whether or not he discovered Betahaus before or after the unearthing of his flat, but now that he is here, he could not be happier, claiming “I found this place of very amazing people where I feel like I am a part of a family.”

“Do not be afraid of not fitting into society, or not being seen as normal, do what you love – it makes you special.”

“What is the best project you have been a part of?”

Throughout Florian’s career working in advertising and communication, he has contributed to a lot of inspiring clients and imaginative projects, and those assignments let to a contract to write and develop responses for Samsung’s voice assistant Bixby for the German market. This operation is taking place through an agency based in London. An abundance of time has been spent developing the persona, jokes, stories and all kinds of responses for the hand held assistant. Florian indicated that this has been his most refreshing project because he has been allowed to work on it from anywhere virtually.

What is the best piece of advice you can give?

“Do not be afraid of not fitting into society, or not being seen as normal, do what you love – it makes you special.”

Check out some of Florian’s Work


This article was composed by Salah Brooks.

Salah is a study abroad student getting her degree in International Studies. She wants to go into advertising or the entertainment industry. Salah spends a lot of her free time traveling and experiencing the world to see what it has to offer.




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