Good Plans for August – Betahaus

We all know that it is August so we should all go to the beach. Enjoy the sun and another million people that had the same idea.

But some of us like to do the opposite. Especially because we live in Barcelona and we can go to the beach for another 6 months in the year. So we rather take that time of the year to enjoy the calm in the city. Walk slowly through the empty streets with ice cream. Or finish that project you always wanted to do, now that the kids are on the beach. Or take the time to learn something new, that thing that you always wanted but there was never the time for it. For those of us that want to get away from the computer and use our hands, we have found a couple of workshops that might be interesting. Screen-printing, if you like to get a T-Shirt different from the rest, or simply some graphics on fabric or on a piece of paper,  Print Workers are doing some great workshops this summer. Taller de introducción a la serigrafía, by PrintworkersCarpentry, for those who have a passion for wood, TMDC has a designed different workshop to get you started. Some of them are totally flexible so you can choose what to build.WOH (with our help) is a workshop with a flexible format so that you decide, when and what! But if what you want is to have all the basics in one weekend you can check Introduction to Carpentry the next 12Th and 13th of August (in English)Ceramics, If you are more into ceramics, El Torn is the place for you. With turning wheels and ovens you can go from clay to a plate in a week. They have on-going Handbuilding or Wheel throwing stoneware courses in August.

>>And then again, we are in Barcelona, so after some learning, we can still go to the beach! 

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