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Full Circle Karma is an independent creative agency made up of a team of 6 professionals in Barcelona. It was created in 2013 and since then it has been developing and focusing on advertising creativity with a strong component in the design. It is defined as an independent, creative agency with a working environment that shuns the “traditional office” model. Aligned with the identity of Betahaus, they embrace the coworking format as the future of workplaces. The idea of “heading to the cafeteria and feeling like you’re in a café in Berlin” excites them.

Betahaus “Summer Club” Promotional Video

Along with the collaboration of ACME, a creative marketing agency located on the second floor of Betahaus, Full Circle Karma has undertaken the creation of a promotional spot to show off summer offers at Betahaus, which, amongst others, include a week at the coworking space for €49. The objective of the Betahaus promotional summer video was to reach out to those freelancers who work from home, where distractions don’t allow them to be as productive as they’d like. It’s interesting to know that “it’s possible to work like you’re at home, without being there”.Full Circle Karma understood the message to be transmitted from the start, from their own experience. They themselves have experienced freelancer life, and are familiar with the downsides that can be involved with working from home. “It’s possible to work like you’re at home, without being there” They found that the main focus was on loss of concentration and productivity which, in most cases, is down to working from your sofa at home. Furthermore, not only did they see the benefits of a normal coworking space, but also those offered especially by Betahaus – like inspiration, community, and the diverse professional environment. 

And then it became a song…

A song wasn’t the Full Circle Karma team’s original idea for the video. They simply wanted to explain the daily life of a freelancer who works from home, and the lack of concentration and inspiration that this can lead to. But while they were writing the script, they realized that it “sounded better when sung”. And that’s how the famous promotional video became Betahaus’ summer anthem. To produce the song, we worked with Martí Mora from “Delpalo Records” (who produced the beat and adapted the lyrics).

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