First Ever Betabeers Showcase! – Betahaus


Our Favorite Event with a Special Twist.

Betabeers is a fun social event that we host monthly for our beta community. However, this Betabeers will be getting a glow-up! We are adding a new aspect to the event and starting the event with our Betabeers Showcase!It is a casual activity where a few of our successful members showcase their companies/ projects and themselves. The members showcasing will have a few informational posters set up around the space in the Beta Cafe, allowing members the opportunity to read about those showcasing and speak with each member showcasing. So grab a cold beer and get to know some of the members and their work!

Tectonica Will Showcase Their Work!

For this Betabeers Showcase the company showcasing their work is Tectonica. The Tectonica team is a group of inspiring, intelligent people who are dedicated to change in the world for the better. The company provides the tools and technology for groups and individuals to organize digital campaigns. To learn more about their services and the people behind this great company come to our Betabeers Showcase!

So will we see you there?!


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