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Is there a minimum period of stay?

No, the membership is monthly, the only rule is to sign off from membership 1 month before the automatic renewal of the membership.


Are there any specific date to start the membership?

No, the membership is rolling. So if you start the 6th of one month, you will pay fro the 6th to the end of the month.


If I move away for a period (for example 2 weeks) is it possible to stop the membership and then reactivate we I am back?

No, is not possible to stop membership. You always still to wait till the expiring date, and then decide (see question 1).


Do you accept any credit card?

Yes we do.


Is it possible to choose a Hot Desk membership and in case upgrade in a second moment?

Yes of course, every month you can choose to upgrade/downgrade your membership.


Is the cafe area open to everybody?

No it is only for members.


If I am Hot Desk can I leave some stuff in the desk?

No, by the time you go out from work you should bring you stuff with you and free the space.


Can we host other people in the coworking (for example, customer or colleague)?

Yes, if some days you receive visit just inform the receptionist of the fact.


Is it the access 24/7?

Yes we give you keys and badge so you can work when you prefer.


If I am Hot Desk can I work everywhere?

Yes but only on the spaces dedicated to Hot Desk membership (usually marked with a green sticker).


How many copies can I print each month?

30 copies black/white for free, for more or colors we charge extra.


Do you provide laptop/Pc renting service?

No we do not provide such a service.


Can we use all the facilities of each floor or just those one in which we stay?

Yes you can use all facilities of the building.


If we are a team can we tie more memberships under the same payment/bill?

Yes you can, just inform the staff about this requirement, and we will manage it.