Recruiting is no easy task

During Office Hours, Raluca can offer hints regarding recruitment industry and how to approach and convince candidates to join your team or company, taking in account that the offer rejection rate is generally around 40% in IT field.

Recruiting is challenging even when you have a recruiter or a recruiting team in house.

This is not happening only in IT industry is happening in many other fields. It is really possible to encounter issues when you need to hire, especially if you are a startup and you are looking for people.


Recruiting is no easy task | Betahaus


  • How to create an efficient recruitment strategy?
  • How to choose the most suitable people for your company?
  • How to deal with recruiting tech candidates nowadays?
  • How the tech industry works in Romania, being one of the most well-known countries in the world for ICT outsourcing. (also, well known for the speed of the internet)

About Raluca Popa

Raluca is our HR Consultant specialized in tech recruitment and growth strategies for start-ups, with broad knowledge in outsourcing and IT. She hired hundreds of tech professionals in Romania, across Europe and USA, during the last 6 years.

Raluca worked before in Bucharest, Romania as Tech Recruiter, Team Lead, HR Business Partner for different outsourcing companies, for clients like Harman, UBS, Deutsche Bank, Intel, Adobe and as a Recruitment Coordinator for E-MAG, today, top most wanted employer in Romania.

She worked also as an Independent Consultant, being focused on finding and growing talent for start-ups. She has a background in Sociology, is a Certified Technical Career Counselor and is passionate about HR, innovation and international recruitment.

Check her Linkedin profile at:

Terms & Conditions

  • For all betahaus members, this Office Hours session is for free.
  • To secure your spot please register in advance by click on BOOK NOW and send a confirmation email to Your preferred time slot must be within the specified time frame for this Office Hours session.
  • Office Hours are a one-on-one consultation session. Not a group workshop or a presentation.
  • If you would like to cancel, please have the courtesy to send an email to



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