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4th artist in residence: Randomlovers paying a tribute to Picasso’s “Guernica”

betahaus Barcelona is delighted to present the gorgeous artwork of the 4th Artist in Residence – Randomlovers – also known as Anna Gabriella Herrera

Randomlovers went on a personal quest to bring all of these components alive through her tribute to Picasso’s historical masterpiece – The Guernica. Her dazzling mural – “Colors in Faster Time” reflects the contemporary “social chaos” amongst coworkers, start-ups, and freelancers that inhabit a coworking space. 

The reference point of the mural produced by Randomlovers and conceptualized in collaboration with Xave is one of Picasso’s best-known works – The Guernica.

It has been pronounced to be one of the most emotive and powerful anti-war paintings in history. And by taking this as the key reference, adding colors and personal style, the resident artist has transformed it into a personalized message about the globalization and process of negotiation. 

betahaus Barcelona artist

Randomlovers is a Venezuelan multidisciplinary artist based in Barcelona.  She is a passionate and strong woman, who is not afraid to tackle the ‘hard topics’ of being a creative soul and to talk about power versus vulnerability.

She has focused her artistic work on exploring different periods of art history and is constantly challenging the art concepts and theories through her contemporary artworks.

How has the residency experience been so far? 

Right now I think this is the most beautiful period of my life. I am sure. I feel empowered as a woman, and there are so many interesting people listening to what I have to say. I also have my insecurities, because I don’t want to surrender to the expectations, but there are people whose opinions I value and care about, so I want to show my best side. It is very personal.

betahaus Barcelona artist

Can you tell us a bit about creating the mural?

For me this mural brought revelations. When I will engage in my next project, it is going to be different. This residency is a huge project even in the context of having 3 different parties involved – What’s Art Collective with Johanna Escobar (Ms.Balloon) as the Creative Director, betahaus Barcelona coworking space, and me.

Being here, sharing the time with inspiring people from so many countries, with different occupations and lives, is thrilling. It is so beautiful. And I feel grateful to be here. 

What drives you as an artist?

My main driving force is the power of universal language. It’s beyond all languages, cultures, or symbols. I seek inspiration in art history – in symbolism in general. I try to talk through colors, lines, and premeditated errors. 

betahaus Barcelona artist

Art is present in my life so that I could pay tribute to all the great artists who once had the courage to tell the history of the world. In my case – contemporary history. And my dream is to follow in the footsteps of the artists that have inspired me. 

What is the history behind your mural? 

[My reference point] The Guernica represents a very important moment in Spanish history and in the history of art. Through this art piece, Picasso affirmed that an artist has power – he had a voice and relevance at that time. With this work, he was able to mock the Francoist government that funded themselves.

And what do You want to transmit through this mural? 

In my work, I want to represent globalization because some people – no matter where they come from – they just follow their spirit animals. In the mural, we have a horse, bulls, but also people – and you cannot determine the gender of these people from the forms. Could be a “he”, could be a “she”, could be both.

The colors give the original painting of Picasso a whole new context. And you can create new ideas just by using the language of the colors, and you can give power to this concept. That is what matters to me. 

What are the challenges in Contemporary art and Multidisciplinary? 

Amongst the challenges, there’s definitely credibility. When you are doing many things – it is very easy to be judged as todero [an “all doer”]. But by continuing to work and building solid foundations, the results do come. They sometimes come slower, but they are visible. 

Also, I am sure that companies with 20-year-old labor policies no longer serve today’s minds, they need a contemporary and multidisciplinary mindset, and that is something they are realizing just now. 

But art is personal, isn’t it? 

It is. This process has changed my perspective on what I can expect and what I can offer and share with others, and vice versa. In this mural, I’m dealing with my power. I can control the context, the theme, I can control the colors, the concept and it’s really empowering! But it is a responsibility, and sometimes I feel very young to have this respect, to manage and keep it. 

betahaus Barcelona artist

What does the creative process mean to you?

It is very instinctive. You have to get obsessed with it. And these obsessions help me a lot and inspire me in the process of creation. They keep me alive – they give me another reason to be alive. They give me a reason to reform myself. I’m learning how to express my ideas in a way that wouldn’t hurt my mind, but it is a war. It is a psychological war.

What did you learn from engaging in a collective creation? 

I learned through the process. I realized that I couldn’t cover or control everything. But through experiencing certain moments in different disciplines I gained a lot of opportunities to learn from others and enjoy the act of creation more. 

Where there any other lessons? 

The most priceless thing that you own is your time. You have to choose the people you want to share your time with and to understand that the people share their time with you and how important that is.

I am learning to appreciate it and to return the favor in a quality way.

What has been the outcome of this collaboration?

The outcome is synergy. I have been surrounded by talented and wonderful people, I have been training my listening skills and by opening up my mind I am creating new points of view.


This article was written by Dārta Legzdiņa.

Dārta is a visual and audial artist, a creative writer, and a translator with a degree in Multimedia Communication from Riga Stradins University. She has worked in PR, entertainment, event management, hospitality, and coworking. By being an artist and a singer-songwriter she recognizes the creative threads that guide each creative’s journey. So she is passionate about helping these creatives reach a wider audience.

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