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Our Members: Andrei Ponivesc

What makes betahaus unique are its members, the sum of creativity, curiosity, courage to start a business and motivation to reinvent and improve.

In our featured members series, we present you some of the extraordinary people that make betahaus special.


Andrei Ponivesc


Today we would like to present you Andrei Ponivesc, betahaus | Barcelona member since 2017.

Andrei is Digital Product Designer at UltimStudio offering digital product design services.

I had the pleasure of talking to him about creativity, empathy and the purpose of his work.


“I am grateful each day for the fact that I get to create and solve problems for people in different industries and I have the opportunity to learn new things with every project, this is what keeps me passionate and excited.” 


Please briefly explain what you do.

I help startups by taking their ideas and designing user experiences in the form of apps and websites.


Describe your relation with your job in three words

Creativity, Passion, Storytelling


In your opinion what aspects of daily ‘offline’ life would need a UX or UI update?

That’s a good question. I guess anything that requires you to stay in a queue for more than 20 minutes for something that could be done online. I think there are so many cases in which we can make this more efficient for everyone.


What keeps you passionate about your job?

I am grateful each day for the fact that I get to create and solve problems for people in different industries and I have the opportunity to learn new things with every project, this is what keeps me passionate and excited.


What project are you most proud of?

I like projects that change users behaviour. Airbnb is a good example of this as before the sharing economy started, people were used to staying at hotels when they were travelling. Airbnb changed a whole industry but also peoples behaviour, imagine that first feeling you’ve had when you lived in a strangers house.

I always thought that landing in the middle of that experience as a designer is something that I would like to be a part of.

I recently landed a project in which I needed to design the experience of someone borrowing money from another person using an interface powered by blockchain technology.

The platform would allow anyone you consider a friend to have access to a pool of money you wish to lend out. They can borrow as much as you trust them with.

The main challenge was to explain to users how the platform actually works as not everyone is familiar with blockchain or borrowing money from friends.

Interface Design by UltimStudio

After continuous user test and research sessions, we came to the conclusion that people were confused at a few parts of the flow but also they wanted a social aspect to the experience, something that didn’t remind them that this is a financial app. It made sense as you would mostly interact with your friends on the platform. So we’ve added some warm illustrations that made users feel more like home.

Together with my team member Nayat, we were able to deliver the project a couple of weeks later [than expected], but the client was more than happy. The delay was due to extensive user research as we had to test it with a lot of user groups to make sure everyone understood it.

It’s not something that we are expecting people would get immediately but more of a base that we can experiment on once we get more users. The further growth of a product is actually another journey in itself and often the most important one, in a product’s lifecycle.


What client would you love to work with?

Well let’s say if Tesla came to me asking for help I would not think twice. I believe they are on top of their game both in offline and digital design. From my experience clients that value design are a dream to work with. Right now I have some clients in the blockchain space and it’s very rewarding as I get to learn a lot from this sector.


How does your knowledge about interaction design reflect on your human interactions?

I sometimes try to use cmd-Z but I realise it’s real life. Other than that I do feel working in this environment cultivated my empathy towards people even more. Sometimes in order to come up with a good design solution for the user, it’s not only essential to note down what they are saying, but you need to go in deeper and understand what they are not sharing directly, this requires empathy.


If you were a place or piece of furniture at betahaus, what would you be?

Elevator, so I can see all the silly things people do in the mirror when no one is watching.

Read more about UltimStudios expertise and creations on their website. Want to know more about Andrei? Approach him at betahaus over a coffee on the terrace, at a secure masked distance of course.

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