Coworking VS Office Space – which is best for you? — Betahaus

Coworking VS Office Space – which is best for you? – Betahaus

Feeling more torn than Natalie Imbruglia? Let us help.

To cowork, or not to cowork, that’s the question. If this is what keeps you up at night, we’re here to help. Let’s have a look at how coworking compares with renting office space. We’ll give you some pros and cons of the two offerings and see under what circumstances each model would make sense for you. Coworking VS Office Space; let the battle commence!

What is Coworking, and what are the benefits?

Apart from providing you with the facilities and a place to work, a real coworking spaces’ biggest focus is the idea of a healthy community, an ecosystem where members are enabled to build mutually beneficial relationships in a fun but secure environment. This community will become invaluable for growing your business. Not only will you be part of a community in which you can learn from one another, use each other’s skills and knowledge, you will also have access to a place to work in which you can benefit from all the amenities a ‘regular’ office has, without having to worry about all of the infrastructures yourself – so you can focus on what you really want and have to do. Printers? We’ve got you. Superspeed internet – Wired and Wireless. Check. Lots of cool meeting rooms ready to book. They’re here. Spaces to relax and meet with members or clients. Sorted. All you have to do here at Betahaus is decide if you want a flex desk, fixed desk, or a team room. (And work a little, of course.) Still a little confused about what coworking really is? We explain more in our post what is and is not coworking.
Coworking at Betahaus

What is office space rental, and what are the benefits?

Office space rental is traditionally just the rental of a room. Besides this, you need to sort out utilities, shared space and everything else out yourself. Today this is typically the preserve of large companies. Don’t need or want an entire office building or floor to yourself? Serviced offices are a more common solution for small businesses: their price will usually include a carpeted office with the very basics sorted out. Often you’ll have electricity and cleaning included and the office will be fitted out with suitable flooring and lighting. This is usually where it stops – you may need to bring all your own furnishings such as desks or sofas. Availability and quality of shared facilities such as meeting rooms or kitchens will vary space to space. So there will be things you need to organize yourself and may need to invest capital in furnishing. A lot of work, but you will have a place to call your own.

When to rent Office Space?

Not really a people person? Can’t handle change well? Struggle with sharing due to unresolved childhood traumas? Even though we consider coworking one of the best things in the world – and we’re a little biased – we also know that it’s not for everyone. If you’re with a huge team, are keen on privacy and need space and flexibility for certain specific equipment, having your own office space can have a lot of benefits for you. But, keep in mind that you will need people who are responsible for organizing office logistics and certainty that you want to commit to a long-term lease and location. If your company is big enough you will probably find it cheaper than coworking. Remember that even in a serviced office sometimes you can be left figuring out ‘the details’. Don’t underestimate the time it takes to sort the little things! Coworking can let you focus on what you do rather than stressing about these. Want the best of both worlds? The benefits of privacy and community in a space where you can hit the ground running?

When to Cowork?

Offices are designed for multiple people and are rarely cost effective for a single person. Even as a freelancer or remote worker, it’s nice to have a place where you can focus without being bothered or distracted by your daily tasks at home. Your cat or that cute barista might keep you company but working from home or a café can still get lonely. Don’t you want to be surrounded by like-minded people and simultaneously meet a diverse mix of professionals with divergent skills and stories? Consider coworking, trust us. Coworking is not just for individuals though, startups and small teams often have the most to benefit. They get a community of people who can help them when they need a skill they haven’t got in their team, or advise them on something they’re new to. Startups need to innovate quickly and coworking supports this by removing the stress and time waste of finding, fitting and organizing office space while being totally flexible on team size and length of stay. We can even The quality and size of the community offered by the coworking space vary significantly so it’s important to check this before you consider a space. A good coworking space will curate, encourage and look after it’s a community. Part of this might include an interview to ensure you will fit the community and a focus on member events and networking opportunities.

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