Betahaus Community Playlist on Spotify – Betahaus

We’re getting the new year off to a fresh start with some new music!

We invited the Betahaus community to share some of their favorite songs and then curated them into a playlist on Spotify…

All to help get you motivated for a fresh start to the new year!

As much as we love returning to Barcelona and reconnecting with co-workers and friends, or meeting new members of the community, there remains an evident and inevitable truth: You’ve got to work. And while many of us are slowly getting ready to dive back into our daily routine after returning from all over the world, (Japan, Italy, USA, Switzerland, oh my!) it’s only natural that a little motivation is in order. So how do we get back into the groove, to make sure we aren’t coming back from the holiday break only to stare blankly at a computer screen until lunchtime? We figured a little music might help! We created our first edition of Beta Beats (v.1), a playlist created and curated entirely by our community, featuring the top songs people have been bobbing their heads to at their desks all winter long.

>>Check out the playlist, get inspired, and get to work! Happy New Year!

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