Beta Game Night – Futbolín and Ping Pong Tournament

Games and leisure time plays a great role in having a well-managed work-life balance. Or should I say work-play balance?  And we all know how important the release of dopamine is when there’s a serious and at times stressful workweek in progress.

So Betahaus is opening a new segment in the community event list – Beta game nights! With the huge interest in futbolín, ping pong, and other joyful activities (that cannot all be enjoyed, supported and played during lunch brakes), we introduce the “all in one night” tournaments. Let’s bring together people with playful mindsets and the same passion for the competition!

Challenge your coworkers and engage in a healthy competition that brings nothing but fun! Or come and support your favorites and see if the Ultimate Gamer a.k.a. Tazio can be won in the game of Futbolín or Ping-Pong!

This month we start with Futbolín and Ping-Pong tournaments, but boardgame nights and other fun surprises are just around the corner.

Date: Thursday, February 6
Time: 18:30 
Place: Betahaus Barcelona, Vilafranca 7

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