“We live in a box of space and time. Movies are windows in its walls. They allow us to enter other minds…”
– Roger Ebert

We are happy to invite you to enter the minds of the directors and the protagonists of two cinematic creations.
BetaCine – brought to you in collaboration with Harry Davies, documentary filmmaker, journalist, writer and a member of Betahaus – will be an evening of pictorial discoveries. A short film and a small discussion as the starter and a feature film as the main dish. Come and spend time with the Beta community and friends while enjoying a beer and a post-movie discussion.

Short film: Design Ability
Directed by Otoxo Productions 
Type: Documentary
Length: 30 minutes
Description: The design studio La Casa de Carlota in Barcelona harnesses the unique skills of a creative team which includes members with Down syndrome and autism.
Awards: “Feel the Reel International Film Festival 2018” – Audience Award

Feature Film: To be announced

 Host: Harry Davies 

Date: Tuesday, February 18
Time: 18:30 
Place: Betahaus Barcelona, Vilafranca 7


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