BETA BLOCKS with Kaospilot

KaosPilot group working with Betahaus invites everyone to their last event before leaving: Beta-Blocks. During this interactive Lunch you will have an opportunity to gain a more in-depth insight into the mechanics of what they have been exploring for Betahaus coworking space.  And their main intention is to empower the community with knowledge and connection.

The lunch will start with a brief talk by Zenna Fiscella from the KaosPilot team. She will be focusing on the future potentials of this organization and its components. After that, the talk will evolve into an interactive session where each one of you will have an opportunity to express your opinion and build upon the potentials of re-imagining organizations. The activity will be conducted through a fun framework of physical interaction.

Day: December 4
Hour: 13:00
Place: Betahaus Barcelona  Cafe
Vilafranca 7
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