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The Beta Awards happened recently, and it was, as predicted, weird, wonderful and deliciously festive (we’re looking at you, food table!)

Hey, it’s all good. We’re here to help you piece together all that happened on our biggest, a most special night of the year. Keep reading for a brief wrap-up of the night, and to have a look into some of the images captured from this wonderfully wild ride. Thanks to you, our brilliant Beta community! The awards were hosted by none other than Attiya and Jay, but not without first being kicked off by the most epic entrance of the year made by last year’s host.
Attiya and Jay as our esteemed hosts. The award for Best Team ended in a tie-breaking trivia showdown between the team at Gorilla Arm and Frapo, that ended with a victorious Gorilla Arm team, winning narrowly by one point (Think fast: what’s the month, day and year of your teammate’s birthday? Do you remember? Let’s hope so… #teamgoals)

Gorilla Arm, Best Team winners of 2018. Awards went out to our brilliant co-workers for the very best things that they contribute to our community, ranging from high-minded recognitions like  Best Voice / Sexiest Accent, to Least Productive Member (Congratulations, Gandhi van de Wiel) to the Chandler Bing award, otherwise known as the award for  “WTH do you actually do, again?”. Sexiest Voice Contenders, Albert, and Tom. The secret to Gandhi’s success is being “efficient”.Special awards were awarded to Lifetime Achievement recipients, as well as some of our Best New Members. Acceptance speeches ranged from non-speeches (“No speech.” – Facundo) to an epic rant/discourse of what it truly means to Carpe Diem.

Luciana and Daniel presenting for “Best Guiri”.In the end, super co-worker Apo Zervas took home the awards for Biggest Party Animal, Hottest Guy, and the Co-Worker of the Year. “If my mother knew I was getting this award, she would be so proud of me… NOT.” – Apo Zervas (Biggest Party Animal) The coveted Beta Awards.And the entire Betahaus community? Celebrating until God knows when, because when there are free food and drinks, and when you’re surrounded by old and new friends in a community that loves you and everything you bring to it, everyone is a winner. Regina and Gemma celebrating in style. Frank and Artemi bringing the sound.

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