Are 5 paragraphs enough to trigger your mind? – by Simon Huesler

They gave me 5 paragraphs! How the hell am I going to explain in a few words how the quest for meaning – triggered by personal adversity, economic challenges and some pretty beastly demons in my head – made me swim that far away from “safe” shores that out in the open ocean, I discovered that mental attitude is everything. (What a pretentious start)

Promise of Tomorrow

Hi. My name is Simon, founder of the creative studio Display*. I‘ve come to the conclusion that we will never find meaning. We will have to make it. Using my mind and craft as a designer to create the world I want to live in is what makes my practice meaningful to me. Inspiring the people who cross my path to living a wholehearted life is what drives me to have my actions as close to my words as possible. Both often result in deep contentment when achieved.

But how did I get here? These are the tools, attitudes, and mindsets that help me to make sense of it all:

1. Mindsets & Habits (unfinished)

  • Cultivate a Growth mindset
    Reality (a difficulty appears) + conscious choice of perspective (how can I grow with this situation) = Growth Mindset
  • Know Thyself

    Thoughts on Success

    Become aware of what drives you.
    What does success mean to you personally – why?

  • Cultivate Creativity
    Ideas are an infinite resource.
    The more you have, the more will come, the better they get. Share them.
  • Original Thoughts
    Attention is a currency. Be mindful of what you feed your mind, it will influence the outcome – by logic. Maybe touching that wet leaf smelling like autumn brings you further than the latest tweet or the news of a cat rescued by a fireman in London last night (although that’s great news 😉
  • Do Nothing
    Finding Inspiration in Idleness. Nobody has better words to explain that concept then Roman Muradov himself.

2. Stories

  • Basic principle: You create (vs. you find) meaning
  • Reality: You can always (really always) choose your perspective, so why not choosing the most beneficial one?
  • Logic consequence: It’s not what happens to you in your life that defines who you are. It’s how you make sense of it.

3. Tools

Green Book

Each morning, I write 2 things: «What’s good in my life» to choose the foreground and «what needs to be done» to respond to the challenges in front of me. Evenings, three good things (they can be tiny, even bad things but taking learning out of it). This habit gives me control over how my days start and end.


Yellow Book


An idea, a vision, a thought, a poem, a sketch. The Yellow Book is a safe place for ideas to grow. I write in capital letters only. Why? Because it‘s painfully slow and really forces me to focus on the essence. Everything starts here.

Black wall

Covering an entire room with chalkboard foil was a revelation. Layout your thoughts in physical space. Imagine you can walk through your ideas! All of a sudden, patterns emerge, connections become visible, others can interact and most importantly; the brain becomes free for new ideas.

I can’t tell if this really is going to work out the way I imagine (I’ve been told it’s not). But I am amazed seeing that the mad diagrams from my tools actually make it to reality. It’s fulfilling.

Either way, it’s probably good advice to make sure the process is as joyful as possible, it’s all we actually have. In this sense, proceed and be bold.

Sorry for exceeding the 5 paragraphs. 🙂

About the Author:

Simon is founder of the creative practice Display*, suggests more poetry in business with «The Human Enterprise», is helping to give minority groups a voice through documentary film-making with «The Missing City Stars», puts random impressions on his personal Instagram and reflects on the beauty of ordinary life on a thing called «Life on Earth». Often he does nothing. You can invite him to give semi-funny talks.

Studio:, @bureau.display
Personal:, @simonhuesler

“You only are free when you realize
you belong no place — you belong to every place — no place at all. The price is high. The reward is great.”
– Maya Angelou

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