About Us


In 2012 some people just noticed an abandoned and depilated building, but we little by little transformed that building into what is now: our office, our house.


In 2014, with very little resources and a lot of love we create a place with a soul. A meeting place where you can grow, connect and relax. We created only two values: Collaboration and Respect.


To experiment is a part of our DNA: making mistakes, looking for solutions, trying new things. Entrepreneurship is about knowing where to start but never how it will end or with who, overcoming obstacles, adapting, abandoning and starting over.

Having 6 floors and 5 terraces does not make us different, it just gives us more spaces to go to when we need a new perspective, to get some fresh air, or to sunbath. 


What makes us different is our community. A community that will help you sore to new heights. We stand next to entrepreneurs who are dreamers, the creative freelancers and startups that believe in creating a better world. 


Today betahaus is a reality. We are coworking space for entrepreneurs and creative professionals born under the “perpetual beta” principle. Betahaus is open code, undone, incomplete and always changing.

If you think your soul fits in here, join us. If you are still doubting, book a tour (link) or just send us a message. (contact@betahaus.es)