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We're not just a Coworking

We're the home of great talent!

betahaus | Barcelona is not just a coworking space for creative minds, it is the haus where great talent meets an incredible 6 floors building to create the perfect atmosphere for boosting your productivity. Located in the heart of Gracia and with more than 2000sqm, +20 phone booths and 6 terraces, our spacious workspace offers solutions for remote workers, freelancers and companies alike.

Developers, marketers, designers, producers and filmmakers share the space with publishers and editorial leaders, a personal development company and a music fintech. Yes, we know what you’re thinking, but this is how diverse the family can get.

Our Story

From being a former factory to becoming the home of +600 amazing profiles, the space pays tribute to the future of work by offering hybrid and totally flexible plans that will adapt to all kinds of realities.

With a welcoming philosophy of “come as you are”, betahaus Barcelona was born in 2011 combining the idea of the open code, the always changing and unfinished, with the concept of becoming the home of a new working class.

Meet The Team

Do you want to join the adventure?

We are looking for our next Front Desk Recepcionist. If you're well organised, detail oriented and you have a great passion about people, we want to meet you!

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