6 tips to Grow your Freelance Career with Coworking Space

Coworking and freelancing nowadays are connected. Freelancers find a way to work in an environment that imitates a traditional office. These spaces are mostly jam-packed with individuals from all fields of life like designing, web development, marketing, and others. While working in the coworking spaces, freelancers have the opportunity to use the services of these individuals depending on their needs and on the projects they are working on. If you are a freelancer, it is important to choose the right coworking space for you. Here are 6 tips that will help you to be more productive in a freelancing career while working in a coworking space.

1.Examine your key strength

It’s important to track your work history. Analyze which projects you have completed smoothly without any hindrance. How much success you have achieved while working in your preferred work environment?
You need to identify which are your core strengths. How you can be more productive while working in an environment that is filled with professionals who are busy completing their assigned tasks. Are you failing to achieve your goals continually? You need to consult a business analyst who will let you find ways to accomplish your goals.

2.Analyze  your working patterns

Do you prefer to have calm and quiet surroundings? Or do you want a busy working space with a little
buzz around? Inspect coworking spaces properly before taking a membership. If a space is too distracting for you and might hinder your work activities, then consider looking for another one that will settle well with your preferences. The more you get used to this kind of settings the more organized you will become in managing the tasks assigned to you.

3.Improve your skills

Are you getting complaints from your clients about the quality of your work? If that’s true,  it’s time to focus on improving your skills. While working in a coworking space you will find many opportunities for learning new things. The professionals there could assist you in your tasks. Also, you will find numerous opportunities to improve your skills.

4.Follow the routine

A daily routine brings more productivity and effectiveness. A coworking space allows working in an office environment where you are your own boss. By following other members of the shared space you can schedule your routine to make most out of your efforts. Even though you are working without any supervision, you can still manage to get up early, dress nicely and go to your rented space every day. You can follow the conventional 9-5 routine as well.

5.Meet your clients in a professional environment

As a freelancer sometimes you are required to meet your clients in order to discuss task requirements and to get an explanation about other crucial elements of the job. Entertaining your clients at your home, coffee shop or restaurant is not professional.  The coworking space provides you with an opportunity to arrange your meetings in a settlement specially designed to cater all business tasks. Most coworking spaces are equipped with meeting rooms where members can organize team and client meetings in a proper setting. Almost each coworking office space in Islamabad has meeting rooms, a kitchen and common rooms for a calm and comfortable experience.
The ideal office settlement will build your client’s trust in your services and more business gateways will make you flourish at a great pace.

6.Network growth

It is almost impossible to grow your freelance career without multiple connections. A network of valuable connections your career will thrive. Coworking spaces are best to get linked with many entrepreneurs.
The coworking space will provide you with numerous opportunities to get acquainted with many entrepreneurs.  Many coworking space managers tend to organize regular workshops and meet-up events. Members are given the opportunity to share thoughts and business ideas with others who are willing to hire skillful human resources. These sorts of social events are significant for freelancers’ growth. You have the chance to learn from the experiences of other professionals.

As a freelancer, you are not bound to follow the conventional rules and regulations. After getting out of the bed all you have to do is reach your computer and start working. As you have just woken up, you may turn the alarm off and go to sleep again. The discipline in your daily routine is essential to stay focused on your work. One of the main challenges as a freelancer is to have clients who regularly assign tasks. The coworking space is the best place to get clients. Who knows, the person sitting next to you could be your next client.

The article was written by Usman Ali.
Usman Ali is a Digital Marketing Expert with good experience in Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Optimization. He is currently working at TheDesk – an innovative Co-working space in Islamabad, Pakistan. He is passionate about Digital Marketing and loves to write on various topics and express his thoughts in the form of write-ups. You can find him on LinkedIn.




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