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We offer a flexible and highly functional infrastructure to create, develop and get your work done.

Our spaces

1st floor courtyard terrace

1st Floor Courtyard Terrace

Dining under the Catalan sky Our 1st floor courtyard terrace is big and is able to host a large crowd.

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Everything can happen here – an ideal spot to organise lessons, workshops, meetings and even yoga classes.

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brain room 1st floor

Brain Room 1st Floor

Book an appointment with the neurologist The name speaks for itself. You will find everything necessary for conferences, meetings, brainstormings… etc.

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Brain Room 2nd Floor

a.k.a. ‘The Bunker’ The name speaks for itself. You will find everything necessary for private conferences, meetings, brainstormings… etc.

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brain room 3rd floor

Brain Room 3rd Floor

We also have a neurologist on the 3rd floor The brain room on the 3rd floor is perfect for conferences, meetings, brainstormings… etc.

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Club Café - Enjoy the beta spirit

With 250 m², our café is our most flexible space and offers a lot of potential for future opportunities.

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In development

In development

The 4th & 5th Floor The 4th & 5th floor are currently under construction and in development.

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la casita

La Casita on the 3rd floor

Come to our La Casita on the 3rd Floor Our very own small cottage on the 3rd floor is perfect for when you want peace and quiet.

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Be outside while being inside Between the Café and ‘The Classroom’ we have this lovely spot that brings natural light into the building.

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rooftop terrace

Rooftop Terrace Level

WTF! – is what you’ll say when you see the amazing view we have from our rooftop terrace.

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skype room

Skype rooms - For your dodgy business

We know that sometimes you want to hold private calls with your mum or lover.

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Team Room - Private Office

Dedicated space for up to 8 people Teams. Your private office with the benefits of the best coworking space in Barcelona.

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Workshop / Taller (Maker space)

Get creative at our workshop Our workshop offers all the equipment you need for creating your masterpieces! Full house members are able to use the taller whenever needed.

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Workspace - The amazing family

This is our amazing coworking space. Where great ideas and great minds meet and create the future or just relax in hammocks on each floor.

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Event types


Meet up Beta

You can come with your employees, clients and contacts. The atmosphere is like a Bar. We offer drinks, food and music. Projector and sound system is available for presentations.


Innovate at Betahaus

You can come with your employees, clients and prospects to do a ‘closed activity’ at Betahaus, like workshops, team building, inspiration sessions or training. We can also generate content for you, workshops that might enhance your experience here.


A talk at BETA

You can host a talk in order to approach new customers and do market penetration. Show your business in action. Although sometimes has an informative / Evangelist interest. We can also help you to reach out our extended network & community through our communication channels.


A taste of betahaus

A team from your company is able to come and experience the life of the betafamily. You join as co workers and get the same rights and obligations. You get to mingle with a diverse community of freelancers and start ups. If this is not enough, we can design a full program for you and your team depending on your goals and expectations.

Know How's

This is how we do it at Betahaus

You can come with your company or time to get inspired in beta and learn direct from us (the management) how we do it! We reveal the secrets behind our business only for your eyes.

Services we offer

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Catalan heart, austrian mindset. Berta is our beloved event manager. She’s a great multitasking person and best problem solver ever.

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