The ThingThing Team in our terrace

Olivier is the CEO and co-founder of ThingThing. He has a background in design, marketing and user-centered innovation and is the winner of several startup competitions. After his studies in Montreal, he moves to Barcelona and decides to build ThingThing with his three amazing fellows: Jose, Francesc and Xevi.

What’s ThingThing?
ThingThing is a 3rd party keyboard for iOS that lets you attach your documents, photos, calendar availabilities and more while chatting and emailing. Everything’s inside your keyboard.
How are the people in your team and what do they do? What do you need to have to be part of the ThingThing team?
Amazing!! Our team is often defined as well-balanced and complementary. We’re half-design half-development but all focused on high-quality UX / UI.
To be part of the team, you need to be really, highly, amazingly self-driven and skilled. We’re looking for the best people to join our team. We also want people who clearly tell us why Thingthing vs. the rest.

The ThingThing Team at our Terrace

You won almost any Startup Contest included 4YFN… How was the ‘trip’ you made with ThingThing so far?
It’s a big trip yes, but a highly focused one. We’re working hard to build a nice product, something that people want and prepare a better future for years to come.
4YFN is a special one to win because it’s the first time we got a lot (MORE) attention from high-profiles individuals: press, investors, partners, etc. And winning it just proved that we’re on to something BIG.
What did you learn along the process?
That building a company is hard. If you’re not passionate about it, you’ll fail. The second important aspect we learned is that execution is key, this is why people talk with us: they see the product and they are speechless. They love the product, team and vision.
What’s the hardest challenge you face having a Startup?
Time critical moves. Every move counts. You need to be a surgeon about time and execution. You also need to have 26 plans, from A to Z and prioritize like a king. You also need to be surrounded by better people than yourself (teammate, friends, networks, advisors, investors) that can contribute and help you along the way. With all this, you’re stronger and this is what brings you further.
ThingThing Keyboard in action

ThingThing Keyboard in action

What’s the next steps for ThingThing?
We’re now working on executing the best keyboard and building our long-term vision…something VERY BIG because messaging itself is BIG. Thingthing is preparing something around typing that’ll feel both natural and familiar, and at the same time, meaningful.
And, how does Betahaus feel about you and your team? 
It’s a great place to be, there’s a lot of opportunities to meet people and great talent!

Learn more about ThingThing here