Mathieu Leplatre

32 | Web Engineer | Weirdo | French


Can you tell us a few things about yourself?

I grew up in the center of France, studied in Polytech Paris Sud and became a Web Engineer. I backpacked in South America for 2 years and worked in the field of meteorology and cartography for several years. Since December 2014 I work in the Cloud Service team at Mozilla.

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Why did you move to barcelona?

The usual trap: I met a catalan girl, had two children and was pulled into this lively city

What is the best advice you have received?

Don’t forget that failing is part of success

If you were 80 years old, what would you tell your kids?

I promise kids, I have tried my best to keep the web a free, open and universal resource. At the time, most people didn’t care about freedom or privacy. All they wanted were shiny phones and free of charge web applications.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working at Mozilla on a simple solution to store and sync collections of data records <<in the Cloud>>. As a side project, I spend some of my time working on solutions for the deaf and hard of hearing. I have developed Subtivals, a solution for live captioning and I am currently thinking of a repository of open source cliparts for sign languages.


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What do you like to do outside of work?

Cooking, chilling and trying to be a father.

Top 5 things about Mathieu


Chicha experience: So we spent several days in a village in the mountains of Distrito * around Sucre, Bolivia. A family eventually invited us to a cozy party with a camp fire alcohol (96&) and this weird milky beverage called <<chicha>>. We didn’t want to offend and stayed as long as we physically could. We only found out later that the traditional way to prepare the beverage was to chew on grains, spit them in a bowl and let the saliva ferment…


Among embarrassing situations, I still remember the day I realised that while I was learning German, I was using the word Schniedel instead of Schnitzel..


I cannot sit cross-legged


I was banned from a french casino for a year.. short story; I lent my ID card to a friend who had left his at home. Security figured out and we had a hard time. Fun fact: A few months later, a consulting company hire me to build their online poker platform :)


Oh and I also cannot forward crawl when swimming

Mathieu’s favourites

Favourite viral clip!


Visa or Mastercard.. I guess not every store accepts American Express

How does Betahaus feel?

I honestly wouldn’t have imagined that sharing a desk could have been so rewarding :). I meet new people every day and I feel like I have a ton of things yet to live for. Thank you to everyone with helping me get on board.

Favourite Picture

I really admire how cartoon artists can give you a very precise summary of complex topics in one single image. I find this one particularly relevant, cynic and accurate.


*Cover Photo: Edu Forte