Francisco Ortiz – SOCIAL HOLA – #TeamsInBeta

Francisco has been a serial entrepreneur since he was twenty, 24 years later he has funded several companies in different areas. His core business at the moment is a distribution and technical assistance company focused on the man made fibers industry which is currently active all over Europe and Middle East.
He has been working with companies all over Europe, South America, North America and the far east. Lucky to travel a lot and meet people of many many places, cultures and education backgrounds.
Francisco is passionate about creating connections between different industries and cultures, and believes that social networking in all its forms will change (well is already doing it…) the way people and business communicate, interact and in the medium term even the way business are structured and the way turnover will be generated.

What is Social Hola and how did it emerge?

Social Hola starts as a drawing board for my interest in starting to understand better the way social media is currently developing, being deployed and connected to existing business. Also I realized that most advances in social media are focused on the English speaking markets while there is a lack of serious players on the Spanish speaking markets (the third largest spoken language worldwide).
After months of brain storming and forming a team we realized that one interesting niche inside the social media market is the creation of visual content, most people nowadays gets visual content from stock photo sites or just does not have time to think and develop specific graphic content for their campaigns.
Since Barcelona is a city with a growing powerhouse in fashion design, I believe that it is the right place to be to build a serious visual content creation company and this has become our priority at the moment. This is helping us to create our business disciplines and know-how.

How would you define your team?

I believe that life is the best school you can attend so when configuring my team I looked for dynamic people with interesting life stories and that have really tasted the sweet and sour aspects of life. I do not believe that a grade in a expensive university guarantees that the person is suitable for an industry that is constantly changing and requires a lot of creativity and flexibility of mind.
I am very pleased with my current team as all members have their unique personalities and talents while at the same time are flexible enough to follow my lead and moods which vary every day….

Which is the Social Holas philosophy? 

As mentioned above Social Hola is a drawing board trying to immerse itself in the social media and social networking industry, currently we are focused on visual content trying to have a high quality presence and reference in the local market, but for the future we have several other plans and projects which will be known in due course.
As our motto, I like to say “stay humble and do your best”.

Which is the biggest challenge you have to face having a startup?

Well the biggest challenge is to keep the wheels turning until our quality, service and position allows us to generate a reasonable turnover. I believe that seeking for funding or partnerships should only be done once your project is generating enough revenue to standup by itself. I have seen many cases were people seek for early invest and later realize that they sold a big part of the cake at a very low valuation.
How do you see Social Holas future?
I want Social Hola to grow steady and at a good pace but not to hurry up, we are still in the process of generating our own know how and understand well the market needs, but without trying to sound too proud I feel we are going in the right direction and faster than I expected…
Why did you choose Betahaus?
Initially our offices where located at Paseo de Gracia, actually on a building besides La Pedrera, it was a “very pijo” environment but lacked the atmosphere I believe it is required for a creative team.
In the past I have heard about Betahaus in Germany and thought it could be a good option and after visiting you I realized it was exactly what we were looking for.
Beta is unique in terms of its creative Ecosystem, also the universe of different startups, companies and teams working under the same roof makes it very attractive at the time of looking for outsources for our projects.

And last but not least: Your team is one of the most recent incorporations in our community, how do you feel?

We feel very comfortable, protected and welcomed in Betahaus Barcelona. I am personally a bit shy (…. which can be interpreted as too serious) but I and my team are having a heck of good time working here.