This is our family

Betahaus is more than co-working. It’s a happy family living in one amazing house. Below are just a few of our family members.


Adolf Rodriguez

I was born in Barcelona and following the tradition in my family they named me after my grandfather Adolfo. The tradition goes so far that we even lost track of it, however, I believe it started with the first dinosaur, the Adolphosaurus.

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Axel Bunge

Axel Bunge

Axel Bunge is a Design Director for Motion Graphics. Since I was a small kid I loved drawing and that passion made me become an Industrial Designer.

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Merlin Perez Gore

Merlin Perez Gore was born in Egypt, and followed his English/French parents around the world when he was young: Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Jordan, India, England.

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This is our new crush

Photo in the Sex seriers by Eric Davidsson

Eric Davidsson

Eric Davidsson is a photographer taking commissioned work somewhere between alternative fashion and editorial stories. Also he enjoys working with aesthetic and conceptual art explorations.

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Photographer Eric Davidsson

This is our philosophy

Betahaus is a social co-working space for entrepreneurs and creative professionals with the core philosophy to be much more than just a co-working space. Betahaus is prepared for your dreams and greats you like a family member. Welcome home!